Relax into the Unknown…

Ernest Holmes, the Founder of Science of Mind and Spirit, mystic, author and teacher once stated: “Relax into It~” He gave this challenge to a young minister who was nervous about giving his first talk. “Relax Into It” meant to just relax into Spirit, the Intuitive within that guides and directs our path. In this case, the Sunday message would definitely come through him, if he just relaxed into It.

I’ve been doing a lot of contemplating lately of our next step for CSL Kaua`i and for my own next step. They are entwined. This morning when I was meditating, I got a very strong message to “Relax into the Unknown.” The second part of the statement was “and relax into who you are.” Succinctly, “Relax in to the unknown and relax into who you are.”

Really, we have no idea what is next. We do not know how long the restrictions due to COVID 19 will continue. We don’t know when we will be able to travel freely again. We have no idea what results the coming elections will bring. We really have no idea, as much as we’d like to plan, whether or not large gatherings are a part of our immediate future. The idea of relaxing into the unknown is of great comfort, but only if I remember who I am.

When I know that the Power and Presence of God, of Good, of Love is my very breath I can easily relax into all of it. There is a guiding force within each of us that will see us through this whole experience, but only if we relax into it. That means stop trying to control the outcome. Stop second guessing what’s next. Embrace the present moment and do the next right thing.

This morning I had a memory of my father. He lived through WWII in Italy. It was definitely a time of not knowing what was next, seeing atrocities all around, and I’m sure living very much in the present. When we are in survival that is what we do We look at what’s right in front of us and take care of what is. The first right thing my father did when he came home to his house in ruins was to begin to clean it up, find a piano, and bring music back to his family. I’m sure he didn’t know what was next, but he did his next right thing.

Are we in survival right now? In a sense, yes. Our immune systems are being tested and taking care of them is of outmost important right now. We are being challenged to physically survive this time. However, there is more to it than physical survival. It starts on the invisible plane. We cannot see our immune system, but we know what to do. Words like relax, trust, faith, nourish, replenish, restore are commands to keeping a healthy immune system and a healthy spiritual, emotional, mental and physical life.

Those of us who have suffered trauma of any kind try to learn to relax, accept, surrender and trust again. We have all suffered trauma over these last few months, some of us deeper than others. We should take care of ourselves accordingly.

We do not know what is ahead and it’s foolish to try to guess. For me, the best place to be is here and now, to use my gifts, to take care of what’s at hand and to stay in love. Relaxing into the unknown and remembering who I am gives me great comfort.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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