Oh, Douglas!

“Pure Spirit is not and cannot be governed by any weather conditions whatsoever. All weather is a manifestation of Spirit, a flowering of the Divine in sunshine, in shade, in rain and in clouds. …Every belief that I may ever have had that says I am afraid of weather conditions is now vanished from my thoughts forever. It is no more and therefore can no longer operate. I know and feel my freedom. In this freedom, I rejoice.” Ernest Holmes

A hurricane quickly and directly approaches the beautiful Islands of Hawaii. I have never been here during a hurricane and I know that many suffered greatly during the storm called Iniki in 1992. I respect everyone’s apprehension.

However, I am talking about today and I am talking about a new consciousness in a new storm. If I say I am afraid of the weather then I know that I will be met with plenty to scare me. However, if I say that I am Spirit and that I am one with all weather with all creation, then what do I have to fear. The words we use have power and mold our experiences. All is Spirit and that includes a hurricane.

Spiritual logic explains the Universe as a harmonious system always moving in wholeness. I am part of that Universe and as I keep myself in this oneness I am moving with this harmonious system. When I fight it with fear and resistance, I am in conflict with the whole. I can’t win in that state of mind. It is not about what I am against. It is about what I am for.

As Douglas is approaching, I know that we are all safe, prepared, guided, guarded, protected and one in the Spirit of Peace.

So, Douglas, named as a hurricane of great force, I say I am one with you. We are Spirit. As the peace within me calms the storms within my own consciousness, I feel the calming of your winds and rain. I know I am safe and I bless you as a calming force moving and dissipating into the ethers of nothingness from which you came. As the great Master spoke these words, we all breathe together: “Peace be still.” Only love is present here. The gifts of love you offer, we welcome, while all else falls away with ease and grace. I am safe. I am grateful. And so it is.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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