Thanks for the Prayers

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“The Central Pacific Hurricane Center said a “jog to the north” Sunday night ― thanks to increasing wind shear and a low-level ridge ― protected the islands from the strongest impacts from the storm.” from Hawaii News

I add to this – “thanks to the prayers. Yes, we do not live in a happenstance Universe. Everything is energy and everything moves according to Consciousness. The Consciousness that came together over the last few days in regards to Hurricane Douglas created a wave of energy moving and shifting the energy of this hurricane. This I trust and know, and I say mahalo (thank you).

A hurricane is not an entity. To clarify, an entity according to the Science of Mind teaching is something that is Real, Self-existent and not bound by outside conditions. This is a different way of looking at the word. In our teaching an example of an entity would be Love, God, Source, The Field. These are Energies that exist without form and are self-existent. What we see in form is an effect of what we do from that place.

And so, Douglas is not an Entity. It is an effect of consciousness, and it is because of the intention of the consciousness that came together for the shift, that I know the effect changed.

I believe this, because as I said, we do not live in a happenstance Universe. So you might ask, what about all the hurricanes that don’t dissipate or those that grow stronger, like Iniki, Katrina and others? First of all, I’m not sure why we always try to find a counter experience to decrease our faith in Law. The only answer I can give from a spiritual logical standpoint is that nothing that happens is “bad.” It simply is. The Universe is always moving in our favor and even in what we call devastation, there is a purpose, an unfolding, something to be known at a deeper level. And, then perhaps, we are just growing and expanding in our power to realize that we can calm the storm. Isn’t that what conscious evolution is all about?

I would rather spend my time giving gratitude and expanding my awareness of the Power that works through each of us that we can use for good in every moment, in every challenge, in every storm. So, I just say thank you. I am grateful. The sun shines beautifully today in my heart. I use this experience as an inspiration as to what Spirit can do, what the force of Love can accomplish. We have work to do. Let’s get to it.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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