Life Expressed is You

I do not believe that we have to find our passion. Our passion is who we are. As I use the word passion, I am referring to the Divine Urge that is that very power within us that is moving through us to express life. Life wants to express itself and it moves through all avenues to do so – a tree, the ocean, you and me.

When I speak of Life, I am speaking of the Power of the Universe. Note this meditation by Ernest Holmes:

“My affairs are in the hands of that which guides the planets in their course. and that which causes the Sun to shine. Divine Understanding attends me on the Way. And I shall not be hindered in my work. My affairs are controlled by Perfect Intelligence and cannot be hindered from expression. I know that all that I do is done from the One Motive: to express Life, and Life will be expressed in and through me. I cannot hinder it. I am controlled by Intelligence.”

It might sound strange to say that we are controlled by Intelligence, as if some other entity is coming in and taking ownership over our life. It is not like that at all. What it means is that we are that Intelligence. It is the very breath we breathe, the thinker who thinks through us, and we have decided to truly allow it to move through us unhindered. We trust it. We allow ourselves to speak the words that we know are truth. We live and move and have our being in God/Source. We think as Infinite Intelligence.

We truly know all the answers that need to be known in regards to our own life. We do not have to look for them anywhere else. There is passion and it moves us into expression when we allow it to do so. When we suppress it is when we become sad and depressed. It’s as if we put a lid on a boiling pot and hold it down until it explodes in behavior that does not serve us, or as if we turn the heat down through discouragement and lack of faith in ourselves.

We might say we do not believe that we can do this or that, but if we can rely on the Divine Intelligence to move through us, to recognize it as our mind, to allow the Mind that was in Christ Jesus be our Mind, we will move in a Powerful direction for the highest Good of all.

Oh, let me go back to the word “Christ.” Christ is the language to express the Presence within us, the Center Heart Space, the Place of Perfect Knowing of our Divinity, our Divine Ideal. It is the Real Mind that knows the Truth and speaks it and lives it. It is our peace, our safety, our wisdom, the Light that Lights our path.

We do not have to find our passion, we only need to allow it to pass through us: pass-i-on. or pass it on and out into the world through our unique expression.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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