Participate in Your Good

This morning I found a quote by Dr. Michael Beckwith in my email box: “Don’t anticipate something good; participate in the good.”

This reminds me that when I do Spiritual Mind Treatment to reveal a specific good in my life, I can’t just stand by waiting for something to happen. I must actively participate in revealing that good. This doesn’t mean forcing my will or “working hard,” but it does mean I must actively engage myself with Spirit and walk out into the world as if it is already so.

Yesterday, my husband and I had a vivid example of this. We had been reciting Spiritual Mind Treatment for a long period of time to resolve a certain issue. I say reciting purposefully because we did little else but that. We just kept waiting for the situation to resolve and made very little effort to take any substantial action. Finally, yesterday, my husband took the lead in moving forward into action. Almost immediately, the issue was resolved, and it was resolved without the tremendous struggle that sometimes accompanies experiences.

The message I took away from all of this is that it always takes action on our part to demonstrate our good. We are co-creators at all times. However, it doesn’t take aimless action, or concerted action, or forced action. It takes action that is always guided and directed by our intuition (which is Infinite Intelligence/Love/God knowing Itself as us. And, it isn’t always easy to take that action, but it does take a definite decision.

We have a saying in the Science of Mind that is the whole core of Spiritual Mind Treatment. It is “Treat and move your feet!” There is that which is the Universe’s job and there is that which is ours to do. It is easy to know which is which when you are focused in Love and not in the outcome. When you feel, like you’ve done all you can with a challenge in your life, take a breath and open up to allow the Universe to do Its part. It will cut through the details and bring us to a perfect outcome just right for us. We will know what action to take.

“Don’t anticipate something good; participate in the good.” You are powerful in your ability to demonstrate good in your life when you partner with the one Power and allow it to work through you as you walk your desire into the manifest world.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i, Licensed Minister, Spiritual Coach

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