United We Stand

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As the U.S. election process continues, I believe for many of us the most alarming revelation is that our country is so divided. No matter who we are electing to the office of President, this is information that tells me that we have work to do. It might seem impossible in the relative/conditional world to unite everyone, but on the Spiritual plane all is possible.

Can we be one Nation and still have a difference of opinion? In the philosophy of the Science of Mind and Spirit, we recognize one Infinite Mind (now called the Quantum Field) in which we all reside as both particle and wave. We are Consciousness. There is only One Mind and it is individualized in our personal use of It. We celebrate this diversity and freedom of choice. We know that we are individualized eternal beings, forever connected to each other in the One Mind. In other words, we live in One Home, governed by Spiritual Laws.

This is now both a scientific and spiritual fact. So, what do we do with this in regards to this evident division in our Country? I know there is an answer. In this blog, I offer a Spiritual Mind Treatment for our Country as that answer. If you do not know what a Treatment is, it is often called Affirmative Prayer, and is a movement of energy in a specific direction. Since the Universe is already Wholeness and Harmonious, then it is my job as a Practitioner to speak my Word, revealing that Wholeness and Harmony in my mind which is the same as the One Mind we all reside in. In recognizing this Truth of Wholeness and Harmony, and then releasing my Word into the Field as Law, I trust that it will manifest perfectly for each of us and for the highest good for all.

Prayer for My Country

I recognize one Power, the All that Is, the One Source, the One Mind. It is called by many names, but It is One. It is Love, Harmony and Wholeness, and it is forever creating from Itself through Its many individualizations.

I am one of those Individualizations and I recognize this Power as the many – each person, each star, each creature, each blade of grass and every form of life, seen and unseen, throughout the Universe. I recognize this Power, Source, God as the United States of America right here and right now. I recognize each countryman and countrywoman as my brother and sister in the One Field of Energy. I respect each of us as the Loving Presence of Spirit, of God.

Knowing this is the Truth of my being, I know that as the election proceeds and completes itself, as the results come in, that there is only one Truth. No matter what President takes office, we the people are united in love, compassion and all of qualities of Infinite Intelligence: Wisdom, Peace, Power, Light, Joy, Beauty, Harmony, Wholeness and more. I know even though politics might differ, nothing differs in the realm of Spirit. We are Spiritual Beings working in harmony for the highest good of all. We are whole. We are harmonious. I know that the after flow of this election is peaceful for all. I know that every voice is heard and that our True Nature of Love prevails.

Love is a Cosmic Force whose sweep is irresistible, and I am grateful that the United States of America and its Collective Consciousness is that Force now. I am grateful for the demonstration of the highest good for all. I am grateful for the recognition of the Spiritual Reality of the Life of a Nation born in Freedom. I am grateful for its leaders and for all its people. I am grateful that all is well, all is harmonious, all is flowing in peace.

In this gratitude for our Spiritual Nation of United Souls, I release this Word as Law. I step out of the way of how it unfolds, knowing that in the Mind of God/Good it has already unfolded with peace and love. I anchor this Word by saying, “And so it is! Amen

In Love and Light,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Co-Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i

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