Let us Harmonize Together

“The Nature of First Cause is that it is harmonious. If there were an element of inharmony, discord or decay anywhere in Its Nature, It would destroy Itself.” Ernest Holmes

What is First Cause but the Unified Field of Intelligence, the One Energy and Source. It is constantly pouring Itself into the Soul of the Universe through each of us. We, in essence are harmonious, whole and perfect.

So now as we look out into experience it might not seem that way. We see our very own country as if it were divided and inharmonious. This is only an experience in the conditional world, and the more we can recognize harmony and wholeness within our own lives, our own souls, our own hearts, the more we will see it manifest in the relative form.

We have come to a place in our evolution where we are being called to know ourselves so completely and love ourselves so completely that we only see with the eyes of harmony and wholeness. This would mean that no one can be left out of our hearts. We might not condone what someone does, but we do not have to lock them out of our hearts. We can step out of judgment and back into ourselves to release whatever it is in our own hearts that projects that judgement outward.

I work with the practice of Ho`oponopono which directs me inward to release anything within myself that is creating lack of harmony in any experience. As I go through my own process of forgiveness, I am uplifting the One Mind in which we all live. I always close my Ho`oponopono practice with Spiritual Mind Treatment.

We are beautiful waves of Intelligence and Love that make up the One Unified Field. It is a breathing, living eternal Field of Intelligence. Because we have choice, we can do what we may with our use of it. However, we can never separate ourselves from It or from Its innate Nature of Wholeness and Harmony. We can only think that we are separate. That is why we suffer.

As a wave in this Unified Field, our Nature is like It – Creative. I invite us to begin to use this Power of Creativity to bring more and more harmony to our experiences. I invite us to not just think about it, but to actually put it into action. We are each so important.


Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren

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