Relax Into It

Today, I am reminded of a story of a young minister who was so nervous when he was asked to speak at the last minute by Dr. Ernest Holmes. He was calmed by Dr. Holmes telling him to “Relax into It.” These three words calm me any time I feel any apprehension about doing something that challenges me. From going to the dentist to standing up on a Sunday when I don’t feel as confident in my talk, I remember “Relax into It.”

What does this mean? Well, “It” would be the Power and Presence of God that moves through each of us. Relaxing into It is a process of surrendering to the Allness and trusting It. It is about sinking deep into our intuition and allowing it to guide our path. It is about letting go of our smallness and need to feel like we are the ones accomplishing the task. Even at times when we feel we do not have enough time to get something done, relaxing into It, slows time down and clears the path of the mental obstructions that hinder us. There is a Power greater than we are and we get to use as much of It as we choose.

During this time in our history, many of us feel an uncertainty about our lives. We’ve had to bend and shift and adapt. We’ve had to stay open to change. We’ve had to take time with our inner selves. We might even feel like we have to do more just to survive economically and to keep our health strong.

The Truth is that we can rely on our inner Power by relaxing into It. Taking a deep breath and centering ourselves in the midst of the chaos and just stating mentally to ourselves, “I am here right now and all is well,” can carry us through a stressful moment. We can receive the guidance and direction we need when we turn inward and get quiet and listen.

Today, I have a lot on my plate, while getting ready for Sunday and at the same time hosting and singing in a Christmas Concert airing from the Center of Spiritual Living Kaua`i. I need to remind myself to “relax into It,” at times like these. I can attest to you that it works. It lightens my seeming burden, revs up my trust level and brings a sense of peace to the experience. I invite you, even in the simplest of tasks, to try it. Just, Relax Into It!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Co-Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i

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