What is Faith (Really)?

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We all have Faith. It is a gift of Divine Intelligence imbued in our consciousness. We use Faith all the time. We have Faith in something. Sometimes that something is not in the highest order for us, but still we have faith in it. Some of us think that if we have faith that our lives will always reflect back to us some perfect picture that has no disturbance in it. That is not my experience with Faith.

I am learning that Faith allows me to look and experience all of life with a depth of understanding and knowing that there is something backing me at all times. I have the sort of Faith that trusts the process in everything. I have the sort of Faith that assures me that all is always well and that I am up to everything in front of me. I have Faith when I walk into the doctor’s office to be examined and when I get in my car for what I know is going to be a long and strenuous day. It turns my doctor’s appointment into peace and an opening for health, It turns my day into a moment-by-moment experience. I taste all of life fully when I am in Faith.

They say that Faith without works in dead. This is an easy truth to digest. It simply means that if you say you have Faith, you must walk your day with that Faith, as if the day was already as you said it will be.

I apply this Principle of Faith to my mourning experience of Prince Krishna, my little cat’s passing. (If you do not know what I am talking about, see my February 22 blog.) As I apply this Principle, I understand that everything turned out exactly as it should have. I am not in charge of another person or animal’s life. I am only in charge of my own mind and my own feelings. In this case, I have Faith in my own mourning process. The Energy of Faith allows me to say “I am healed,” when I do not feel healed right now. The energy of Faith allows me to sink deep into mourning and know that some great Something holds me until I am ready to hold myself. Faith instills in my consciousness solutions, resolutions, expansion and the Power of Love.

There might have been a time in the past, when I thought of Faith as something that assured me of the outcome I wanted. This is not Faith. As the famous Bible passage says, “Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” As I look at this quote completely differently than I have ever looked at it before, I see that substance and evidence are not things we can hold in any particular way or form; they are ideas that haven’t taken form. In other words, it is unformed substance waiting to take form. This substance must be eternal verities such as love, wholeness, peace, joy, wisdom, abundance and others. These verities take form in many ways, and they are back of everything. I most definitely “hope” or in my case “know” that these verities are mine to experience. In fact, they can only be felt; therefore, I do not need an outside experience to give them to me. They are mine always.

I will continue to contemplate the gift of Faith and walk with it and apply it, knowing that as I do, I will come to a greater and greater understanding of its Power in my life. This is an example of the use of Faith.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren

One thought on “What is Faith (Really)?

  1. Your message came, just when I needed a reminder of Faith , faith in something bigger and fuller, more expansive than what I see before me.
    Mahalo !


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