Things are Getting Easier…Right Now!

It’s my birthday and I am beginning what I consider my New Year. My husband, Rev. Patrick is responsible for teaching me to appreciate my birthday, honor it and to create my New Year on this day. What does this look like? Well, the questions I ask myself are “What do I want to experience this year? How do I want to live? What do I want to receive and what do I want to give? What is my intention for this year?” I proceed to spend my birthday that way to set the tone. This goes beyond goals and resolutions. It is about gratitude and feeling and setting the Law of my Being into motion in a specific direction. I use Spiritual Mind Treatment to do this. It means that I have the opportunity to decide how I will live this year no matter what occurs in my life, recognizing that everything is occurring through me and for me.

There are no loop holes in this philosophy for me. I take full responsibility for my life and my experiences. Now, the last few weeks have been a bit difficult and challenging. We lost our beloved cat, Prince Krishna, and right after that I developed a serious infection due to a tooth. I began a dental journey which takes me into my New Year. However, it’s a good thing because I’ve chosen for it to be so. I feel the healing. I’ve attracted the right dentist and I am surrounded by love. It is not what happens to you; it is how you choose to experience it. We are at choice. As I stated in one of my previous blogs, our Declaration of Principles in the Science of Mind states that we will be free from all discord. I choose that freedom now.

I woke up this morning with a song on my lips. It came from the 1970’s by the Five Stair Steps. It was called “Oooh, Child?” Perhaps some of you from my generation remember it. It states that “Things will get easier,” and then later in the song, it says, “Right Now”

What if things were to get easier for all of us right now? What if we were to turn our challenges into wisdom? What if we were to let go of the strangle-hold we might have on “how” we think life should go, and, instead, allow life to flow through us for our highest good, setting our intentions to live and experience those things we desire? And, what if we were to decide that we accepted whatever those experiences were as done right now? What if we realized that we totally deserve the Good.

On this, my birthday, March 12, 2021, I claim that life is getting easier right now. I claim that everything is falling into perfect place and that love is prevailing. I claim that more and more Good is available for all of us. I claim that whatever we have lost this year, whether it someone close to us or our possessions or our jobs, that an opening is being created to allow us to heal, to prosper,, to start anew, and to expand. We are garnering the wisdom from everything and we are moving forward with our lives to the better and the better.

Happy Birthday to me and Happy New Year to all of us. Things are gonna get easier…right now!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita, Andriello-Feren New Thought Minister, Spiritual Coach and Co-Spiritual Director, CSL Kaua`i

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