A Divine Conspiracy

The Universe is always conspiring for my highest good has been a mantra of mine for over a decade. Looking up the word “conspire” or “conspiracy,” I see it is translated to mean something negative. We conspire against something or someone or conspire to do something unlawful. That is not what I’m talking about it regards to the Universe. The Universe or God (Love and Law) is always conspiring for our highest good. In the Principles of the Science of Mind or “What we Believe,” it is stated, “We believe in the Eternal Goodness, the Eternal Loving Kindness and the Eternal Givingness of Life to all.” This is a conspiracy of the highest order: “A Divine Conspiracy.”

Many of us have been brought up to believe that we are born evil and in sin, and that we can spend our lifetime repenting of this so-called fallen state. For me, that would not make sense. God is Good. God is Love. Life is eternal and we are born to be happy. However, there is still suffering in the world, so how does this fit into the idea of a Divine Conspiracy on the part of Life or the Universe? It is simple. Yes, right now at this stage in our evolution, there is physical suffering. However, emotional suffering is a choice, a point of view, a way that we live life when living it from a place of not knowing who we are.

Our ultimate goal of life is to rejoin ourselves as our True Selves. Perhaps this fallen state is just that – a state of consciousness that we are born into, not our True Identity. I’m not sure where it all started or why this would be so, but I do know that knowing and believing that I am at choice and have ownership of my earthly experience is a place of Spiritual Power. Knowing that I can choose to seek to understand that everything that happens to me is happening through me and for my highest good, allows me to find the Divine Conspiracy in it all.

Remember when we were children and we put our hands toward the stove? Our mother or father might have said “No, hot!” We touched it anyway and learned our lesson: stoves are hot and you don’t touch them with your bare hands. That is an example of learning through error. I think many of us do that for much of our life. We learn through error. However, there is always Grace and no one is ever lost and we come to understand eventually either here or somewhere else in eternity that we can live healthy, loving and prosperous lives. It is the normal way of being. As Raymond Charles Barker said, “Dis-ease is abnormal.” The consciousness of this world is the opposite, so we continue to experience what we believe. “It is done unto us as we believe.”

What if we were to live by a different point of view? Another Principle of the Science of Mind states: “We believe the ultimate goal of life is to be a complete freedom from all discord of every nature and that this freedom is to be attained by all.”

At one time, I believed this to mean that we would all be free from every discord on this earthly plane and that we live in a paradisical state. This might be true, but I do not believe most of us are there yet. For me, a life free of discord means that we are free of the idea of discord. No matter what we are experiencing, we are free to choose between discord as our state of being or faith and trust. The Universe will move with us because it is a yes Universe and we will continue to experience either more discord or more experiences that reaffirm our faith and trust.

Case in point. I have recently been experiencing an infection due to a tooth. It was quite the horrendous experience. Although I experienced pain and moments of frustration, I would attest that I did not experience discord. I always knew that the Universe had my back, that there was a Divine Conspiracy going on in my body and in my attraction to the right medical attention and healing. Again, being free from discord means we choose faith and trust and follow our intuition no matter what physical experiencing we are having.

If a conspiracy is a plot by two or more people to do some sort of harm, “A plan to commit a treacherous act,” says the dictionary,” then a Divine conspiracy is a partnership with the Universe that leads us to healing and expansion and growth.

Ernest Holmes wrote, “We shall all arrive at this same assurance, this perfect faith, in such a degree as we cease contemplating the Universe as opposed to Itself; as we cease having the will to do or be that which is contrary to Universal Good.” Again, the Universe is not opposed to itself. Everything, and I mean everything is always conspiring for the highest Good. If it were not, we would destroy ourselves. And…we have at times throughout the ages. However, always we come back. And, if you look at history, it’s quite a repetitive pattern. Destroy… comeback… Destroy… comeback… Darkness… Renaissance… It goes on and on until we stop it …in our own lives first, of course. 

This is a Universe of Love and Order, and, it would be good if we got with the Great Conspiracy and actually raised our expectations. We can have, do, and be it all when we are ready to have, do, and be it all. The Universe is within you, moving as you move, breathing as you and always conspiring for you. If you work against it, it can do nothing but go with you, because it cannot go against anything. 

Step back today, take a breath and feel the momentum and flow of life. If you cannot feel it, breathe again until you do. Something is happening within you and it is Good and very Good. 

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Co-Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i, Spiritual Coach and New Thought Minister

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