What Would Jesus Do?

No matter your thoughts or beliefs about Jesus, we cannot deny that his message was one of love, forgiveness and healing. Although I do not embrace my childhood religion, I still every once and a while ask, “What would Jesus do?” Who remembers this question, asked when we were in a conflict about something? Asking “What would Jesus do?” is merely asking “What would Love do, right now?” I am asking that question today.

As I glance at the news headlines, as I sink into the beliefs of many right now, as I reflect the conflicts in the world, as I can feel a bit hopeless in changing anything, I ask “What would Jesus do?” If we look back at the ministry of Jesus, he lived in a more than violent time in the world’s history. There was mayhem, a dictatorship, hardships for many, violence in the streets. Jesus didn’t bother himself with trying to change what was happening in the world of form, he strove to change people’s consciousness by walking as a consciousness of love and healing. He ministered to those who wanted to be with him; he didn’t go out forcing his beliefs on anyone. He simply healed, taught love and reminded people of who they were “Don’t ye know that ye are Gods!” and “Greater things than this shall ye do.” were just some of his words of encouragement. He proved his principle by healing and by forgiveness. He didn’t hold anything against the criminals who hung next to him on the cross or the soldier with the severed ear. He merely was a consciousness of healing. Jesus was an example of what it is to “Love only.”

In the Science of Mind and Spirit, we do not believe Jesus was the great exception, we believe he was the great example. If he taught love, healing, forgiveness, then these are ours to do also. I can’t think of a better time than now to embrace the teachings of this great man. I can’t think of a better question to ask when we are confronted with prejudice, conflict of ideas, violence against those who are different from us, climate change, and dozens of other challenges we have today. Asking “What would Jesus do?” will give us direction that is sure to heal any situation. Asking “What would Jesus do?” is guaranteed to set us on the path of doing what is ours to do, instead of trying to change others. And, acting upon our answer to this question cannot help but change the world for the best and highest.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren

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