Simple Law for Success

There is a simple Law of the Universe that is a guarantee for success and it is this: Focus your attention only on what you want to experience in life. In other words, stop thinking about the things you do not want. It’s a simple Law and you would think everyone would be using it and reaping its rewards. Yes, it is simple, but it can also be the most difficult discipline to acquire. It is so easy to lose control of our thoughts.

I think it is a matter of belief. Do we believe that what we focus on grows? If we did, we probably wouldn’t focus on all those things we do not want to experience. I think it is also a matter of knowing that we actually have control of our thoughts. Many of us believe outside circumstances control us and the way we think. However, it has been proven through the ages that it is done unto us as we believe.

We might use the excuse that all the tragedy we see in the world prevents us from focusing on the Good. We might say it is airy-fairy to focus on being positive. We might say it is irresponsible to think good thoughts when so many are suffering. What I know is everything is consciousness. I also know that as we think, it is reflected into the one Field of Energy and it is felt everywhere. When we elevate our hearts and minds it is felt everywhere.

There are four steps to creating the life we want: 1. Make a decision, 2. Put that decision into action, 3. Feel the outcome as already being so, 4. Only think upon that which you want.

We can apply this formula to anything and it will work. It is guaranteed. However, #3 is the one that gets us sometimes, because we so much want to wait until we experience the outcome of our decision to believe it. We get dragged into the outside conditions and allow them to tell us that it isn’t happening. However, we can be disciplined. We can focus. We can be masters of our mind.

When we wake up in the morning and choose to see only the Good no matter what, and to add to that good with our consciousness and with our actions, we will be a catalyst for change in this world. It all begins with us. It is a world of energy/consciousness. The floods, the tragedies, the confusion, the chaos are just physical manifestations of what is going on within us. We are affecting everything. It is a mental universe.

What do you want, not just for yourself, but for the planet. Think upon it and then act accordingly.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello, Spiritual Director, CSL Kaua`i

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