Do You Feel It?

Nothing can ever really keep us apart from each other because consciousness is nonlocal. We all live and breathe in one field of energy. What we feel is felt everywhere. What we think is thought everywhere. It’s all about vibration. Our vibration is matched to like vibration. This is what we experience in the way of connection. I often ask myself: How am I vibrating right now? What is my frequency? What am I tuned into? It all begins as vibration.

If we want a different experience in our life, we will have to change our vibration. We can feel it. We know when we are feeling low and we are feeling a higher vibration. We know when we are passionate about life and we we are depressed. Do we believe that we have control over our own vibration? Or do we allow outside circumstances to decide for us? During these challenging times, it is easy to sink into the vibration of everyone and everything.

However, we are at choice. Sometimes I ask myself, why am I here on earth. The answer I get is in the words of Ernest Holmes, Founder of the Science of Mind, “To prove that spiritual thought force is greater than material resistance.” Yes, I am in charge of my thoughts and although material resistance is strong in some cases, I can rise above it.

I believe self-love is the answer. I must take care of myself, my well being in all ways. I must tend to my own state of mind. If I am not strong, I am not contributing to the one consciousness in which we all live. In fact, I am pulling it down or up with every thought. There is a magnetic field which is affected by all of us. This has been proven through meditation experiments and more.

If we felt that we were that important, if we really cared about what is happening on earth right now, we would straighten ourselves out. We would make ourselves happy. This doesn’t mean we ignore everyone else. We are happiest, truly happy, when we are kind and loving and caring. However, if we are not taking care of our own needs, it is impossible to reach out to others. It’s like the statement that is always made at the time of take-off on an airline. “Always put your own oxygen mask on first.” If you pass out, who is going to be assisted.

As I write this today, I know that I am always talking to myself, but I also know that even just thinking about self-love and self-care is felt in the one field of energy. Someone else must be thinking about it or need to feel it. We can do our part in simple ways, in caring ways, when we care for ourselves.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Spiritual Director, CSL Kaua`i

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