My Tithing Story

Yesterday, my husband and I had a discussion about the Law of Tithing. We practice it and it is one of the most important and necessary practices in my life. It’s called a Law because, like the many Spiritual Laws of the Universe it is scientific and provable. Like the Law of Gravity, it always works.

I first learned about tithing when I was a Mormon. I did it with blind faith and didn’t know exactly what I was gaining from it. I did it because someone told me to do it. However, I can say that there wasn’t a time during that period when I was in want of anything. All my needs were met always. There was never a bill I couldn’t pay or expense I couldn’t meet.

After I left the Mormon Church (another story for another time), I fell into just “doing.” I was raising children, but I was also having a lot of fun with life. I didn’t tithe during that period because I hadn’t really learned what the Law of Tithing was truly about. I didn’t have prosperous thinking. I would say, I was living unconsciously, looking to earn money only and spending it as fast.

As time past and my life changed drastically, I found myself at a Church of Religious Science. It was in one of the lowest financial times in my life. This lasted for well over ten years. I struggled financially. I was in deep debt. I donated to my Church, but I only gave what I thought I could give. $5 here $2 and sometimes as much as $10. I still didn’t understand tithing or the Law of Circulation. I was holding onto every penny that came into my life.

Then one day I went to a workshop taught by Edwene Gaines, a Unity minister, who dedicated her life to teaching people about the Laws of Prosperity. She challenged me to tithe, really tithe, to give 10% of everything I made to someone or some organization that spiritually nourished me. She dared me to do it and to trust that I would prosper because of it. I accepted her challenge because after she told her own story, something inside of me said, “why not me?” Again, I was deeply discouraged about my ability to earn money in those days.

But, still, I didn’t know why I was tithing. I just did it in faith. I began to bring myself to a higher state of financial consciousness. I was steeped in spiritual education. Then one day, a teacher asked the question of our ministerial class. “Why do we tithe?” We all gave answers, but she wasn’t happy with any of them. She stated, “We tithe because we can.” A light went on for me and I finally understood.

Yes, I tithe because I can. I can because there is always enough and more coming in. I do not have to hoard anything. Tithing frees me from lack consciousness. As I continued to tithe, something truly shifted in my consciousness. I never feared money again. I totally knew that I would always be taken care of. I didn’t expect anything in return for tithing, but I knew that I always had plenty in my life. It wasn’t blind faith; I was actually proving it, because my life began to show it. I released myself from an enormous debt while tithing. I was debt free in more ways than just my bank account.

When we began our Center for Spiritual Living, we created by-laws stating we would give 10% of of our gross income in tithing to those who spiritually nurtured our Center or the world. We have never given up this practice, nor will we. We’ve been advised against tithing, just as I was advised to stop tithing when I was paying my personal debt off. We stick to tithing no matter what. Our Center has no debt and continues to flourish.

The Law of Tithing is not about giving to charity. Giving to charity is wonderful, but the Law of Tithing is about giving to those who spiritually nourish you. It could be a waitress who lifts your day by giving you extra wonderful service. It could be an organization that enriches you spiritually, emotionally, mentally Tithing is giving back to your Source in the form of those who walk the earth plane with you.

Tithing is the most important thing in my life as far as my financial affairs are concerned. I trust this Law. It gives me peace of mind and I know it is perfect. I am grateful to tithe and I always love it when I have a surprise increase in income because I get to give more. I’ve lost all my fear of money and I am its master. It is my servant. As I increase my abundance consciousness, I expand my life. I have a ways to go, and tithing is one of the necessary steps to creating the life I want to live. I invite you to read more about the Law of Tithing also called the Law of Circulation or Giving and Receiving, and I invite you to begin to practice it. Don’t do it because I told you to; do it because you are ready for a shift in your life.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello Feren, Spiritual Director, CSL Kaua`i

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