You are the Placebo

Last night we began our workshop based on Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book, “You are the Placebo.” It was exciting to discuss the principles presented in the book, the stories, the scientific studies. What came up is the question “If we can create a life of health, do we also create illness in our bodies?” There is an answer to this question that balances between blaming ourselves for our illnesses and taking responsibility for our health.

I am only here on this earth plane for a short time. What I seek for my life is to live in love, abundance and to have the best health-filled experience. I am more interested in what makes us healthy than I am in focusing on whether or not we are making ourselves ill.

This is what I know from my own experience. I totally believe in health. Even when I have been sick in my life, and I’ve had as many times as most of us, I still believe in my health. I do not identify myself as a sick person. I identify myself as a healthy person. I know that there is a Power and Presence within me that is working for me 24/7. If I could just visualize what is going on in my body from the moment I put a single piece of food in my mouth, I am astounded. It is amazing. We are built for life.

What I know about illness from my own experience is that although it is real physically speaking, it is backed by my unresolved emotional and my mental health. I know it is driven by the strength of my immune system and my immune system is driven by not just what I taken in environmentally or food-wise; it is strengthened by my attitude. My attitude is built with my thoughts and emotions and actions.

I am a pharmacy. I’ve proved it to myself. I am not against doctors or medicines. I believe in the pill and the prayer. However, what I know beyond a shadow of a doubt is that it is my belief in my wellness and health that is my healer. The Presence within me that is built to take care of me on this earth plane is fed by love and joy.

Walking through life warding off illness and being in fear of it constantly sends a signal to my cells. What we resist persists. I’ve proven this, too.

One more thing, for me, health is not about not thinking about illness. It is about having a joy and love for life no matter what is happening in our physical form.

I believe in the power of belief. I believe in the power or thought. I believe in the Power of Life that has provided everything for us to live happy, healthy and abundant. It’s all right here were we are.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Spiritual Director, CSL Kaua`i

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