What Do You Really Think of Yourself?

I’ve been exploring the idea of self-image and how it affects the results in our life. I know, for myself, I did not grow up with the greatest self-image. I felt insecure, not as good as everyone else, not as smart as some. I’ve worked on my self-image over my life-time. Learning the amazing Spiritual Principles of the Science of Mind and practicing them have definitely enhanced my self-image. I feel more confident, capable and intelligent. I have a sense that I can do anything to which I set my mind. This didn’t come to me overnight. It took practice and perseverance.

Our self-image influences everything that happens in our life from our health to our prosperity to our relationships. There is a scientific reason for this. It is called the Law of Vibration. We can only attract those experiences that are at the same vibrational level as we are. Vibration is all about consciousness. It is our state of consciousness that creates our vibration. Some of us try to turn this around. We think that when we get what we want we’ll be happy. It can never work this way. Perhaps, we will have short moments of abundance or a great relationship, but the old us that we have not healed will always creep in and sabotage our happiness. If you are struggling and truly reflect on this, you will see it is true.

Bob Proctor, motivational speaker, author and coach, gave a great metaphor of a thermostat. You set the temperature at 70 degrees. Cold air comes through and open door lowers the temperature and then the thermostat kicks in and turns on the furnace and the temperature goes back up. Our self-image works the same way.

It’s set in our mind, our body, our emotions. Weight gain and loss are the perfect example. We see ourselves as heavy. We try to go on a diet. It lasts for a while, but we always gain the weight back. The same would be true with money. We win the lottery or have a landfall of some sort or get a really great job. However, we have a self-image of not being deserving of success or only being able to make a certain salary. Eventually we find ourselves back where we’ve been for the majority of our lives.

Understanding this Principle will really assist us in expanding our lives. Self-image is ruling our lives and our experiences. How do you see yourself. It doesn’t matter how old you are. I’m sixty-eight and I am still working on this, because I want to expand and have even greater experiences in my life. I have to look deeply at my self image and the set points I have created in my life. Then, if I choose, I must raise those set points. However, I can’t do that if I am not honest with myself.

Our self-image dictates how we vibrate. No matter how we try to get away from it, everything starts with us. We cannot change other people or change circumstances just because we want to. All the great mystics and teachers have challenged us to “Know Thyself.” When we truly know ourselves as the Magnificent Divine Beings that we are, our lives will soar. We will have peace of mind. We will live in a self-made world of unlimited creativity and love.

Ernest Holmes once wrote, “One alone in Consciousness with the Infinite constitutes a complete majority.” When one of us communes with our Infinite Divine Source, it is felt everywhere. This is how the planet is lifted into a higher state of consciousness. As each person, vibrates at the frequency of the Divine, the planetary consciousness is built one person at a time. Dr. Holmes once wrote that we could do more for the world through lifting our own life than all the charities in the world could do. I believe this. It doesn’t stop me from giving to charities, but it does challenge me to deepen my self-image and truly Know Myself.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Co Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i

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