Getting With My Spiritual System

Do you believe the Universe is a Spiritual System or are you a materialist? Perhaps we can all say that our belief sometimes waivers between these two philosophies. Many of us were brought up under the influence of peers, teachers and parents that taught us that it’s as Madonna sang in the 80’s: “It’s a material world…”.

I read the Science of Mind text daily, and this morning the reading included this: “The Universe is a Spiritual System. Its laws are those of Intelligence. We approach it through the mind, which enables us to know, will and act.”

When we think of the word “Intelligence” perhaps it brings up feelings of coldness. The Universe is far from cold; however, its laws are impersonal. That’s what makes it so wonderful. There is a Loving Spirit that is the very breath that breathes us. We cannot be separated from it. Just take a breath and feel it move through you right now! If you really allow yourself the luxury of Its Power, it is yours. The impersonal part is the Energy that responds to us no matter what. It doesn’t care whether we plant a rose bush or a weed. It’s going to give us back exactly what we plant with FEELING. How powerful is this?

My daily work is to fully embody this Intelligence, to fall back into it and trust it totally. My daily work is to know that I can have total trust in my life experience and that something greater than the conditions I experience is ready waiting for me to turn my life in any direction I choose. When people ask me how to do this, I just say, “Let go. Get direct and let go! Surrender!”

In the same reading of the Science of Mind today on page 156, Ernest writes, “Why is it that one man’s prayers are answered, while another’s remain unanswered? It cannot be that God desires more good for one person than another. It must be that all persons, in their approach to Reality, receive results – not because of what they believe in but because of their belief.”

Belief is the key. There is no belief that is true. Can you accept that? It is just done unto us as we believe. This makes such sense to me. It’s not about what I believe in. I can believe in anything. It’s my belief that is creating my reality no matter what that belief is. In Spiritual Mind Treatment, we shift our direction of our use of the Energy by changing our beliefs..

What do you want to believe today about yourself, about the world, about your next step. No matter what it is, remember, the Universal Energy is neutral. It is simply responding to you. It’s like the Genie in Aladdin’s lamp that just says yes.

The Universe is a Spiritual System. The sooner we get this and allow ourselves to dip into its well with love and what we call in Hawaii “Aloha,” the sooner we will begin to turn this crazy world around one person at a time. God is me. God is you. God is even those we don’t like so much. We all have access to the Spiritual Universe because it is our very breath.

I invite you to relax, take a deep breath and remember who’s breathing you. It is all Power, all Intelligent and neutral. The Love is its self-givingness. It would do anything for you, but HAS TO DO IT THROUGH YOU.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Spiritual Director, CSL Kaua`i, Spiritual Coach

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