The Solution is Wholeness

I read a powerful passage in the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes. It was centered around this question: What can bring us peace, harmony, prosperity and all our good? Ernest answers by writing: “Nothing can bring peace but the revelation of the individual to himself and a recognition of his direct relationship to the Universe.” This is so powerful and although it is not easy, he writes, “to hold the mental attention to an ideal while the human experience is discordant – it is possible.” It is possible through our own self-unfoldment through our conception of wholeness.

Many times, we don’t want to take the time for this self-unfoldment which takes much self-analysis and the correction of our thoughts on a daily and sometimes moment-to-moment basis, but to those of us who practice and are diligent and loving, the rewards are bountiful. The greatest reward is an inner peace that comes from the deep knowing that we are always secure, guided, guarded and protected no matter the outer storm. We most definitely live in the world but are not of it.

I believe it is worth the self-journey. I know that as I trust and have faith in life that every day it gets easier and easier to live in that peace. In Quantum Physics, it would be said that I am rewiring and re-firing new neuron connections in my brain. Spirit within does that.

If there is something in your life that seems out of reach, there is a formula for you. Ernest writes, “When we are out of harmony with some special good, it is because we are off the track along that particular line of activity of Spirit.” This is because the Universe is perfect wholeness and all is available within that wholeness. This puts the burden of proof on us. Some of us do not like all that responsibility, but I consider it a place of Power. I am seated in the responsibility of how I perceive everything that is happening in my life and in the world. If my life is discordant, I’m not aligned with that which is Perfect – me!

The great metaphysical teacher Emma Curtis Hopkins’ wrote much about “looking for the good,” and that “everything is good.” This is a difficult concept to view as true in the present world, but her premise is if we stay true to the idea that even in the midst of what looks like evil, Good is always there, Good will reveal itself. There is a beautiful story in Les Miserables when a priest from whom Jean Valjean has stolen silver lets him go in forgiveness. The priest would not condemn him, but saw that some good was being revealed far beyond what he could see in the present situation. This takes a lot of faith in the unseen.

The Spiritual Universe is perfect, but as Ernest writes, “We can know only that which we can experience.” It has to become our Truth. No one can give it to us. What is this peace and loving self-unfoldment worth? I believe it is the greatest pearl of life and well worth the journey, no matter how long it takes or what obstacles seem to be in our way. Remember, “God makes a way where there seems to be no way.” The Power that resides within us is greater than any obstacle. It’s like the river that flows through the rocks, always finding a way between and beyond so as to return to its source. Our Source is here right where each of us is. We can flow easily and effortlessly because we are Its current through this thing called life; however, we have to take the first step.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i, Spiritual Coach

2 thoughts on “The Solution is Wholeness

  1. Thank you Rita for this. This morning I was doing this self-inquiry and letting go of more of the past that had me bound around my issue with giving money. Service is not a problem for me, my time is worth it, or is my ego just saying that to skirt another deeper issue. Whatever that was is lifted now and all of your points here have helped to solidify my resolve to be free of my past history, ancestors, and all that would bind me from service of any kind, including giving money. Again, thank you.


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