Happy Birthday, Patrick!

It’s May 2, one of my most favorite days of the year. It is the day my husband, best friend, lover and spiritual partner was born. His name is Patrick Feren. The circumstances that brought us together in this lifetime were unusual and not at all conventional. I remember focusing on my spiritual self, growing, expanding until finally as Ernest Holmes would say, “I was lifted out of my environment to my new life.” I began that amazing journey with Patrick in 1997.

Here’s what I can say about a man who has grown through what some would consider impossible odds to be here today. His book is coming out this year, so I will not give away all his secrets. What I will say is that he is the most loving, inspirational, funny, yet seriously magnificent person I know on this planet.

The reason he is so loving is because he practices what he preaches: “We must love ourselves first.” He has taught me this pearl of great price and I am learning from his example. Some people might argue that loving yourself is selfish. However, what I know, because of Patrick, is that it is the most selfless thing you will ever do for this planet. Imagine a world of people who love themselves in the true sense of the word. They would practice kindness, compassion, caring.

Patrick’s ability to inspire starts when I wake up in the morning and takes me into my dreams at night. He is inspirational because he inspires himself and takes great measure to live life fully. He is deep and self-reflective and willing to share himself openly and vulnerably.

We all experience his humor and he can turn on a dime, bringing us from humor to tears. Many of us have experienced this honest and heartfelt message that he gives.

There is not a doubt that Patrick is magnificent. What I know for Patrick this year is that he continues in great success in all areas of his life. It’s truly time for him to fully bloom and he knows it. I am grateful to be by his side, to love him and be loved by him. It is the greatest gift of my life and I relish every day of our life together.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful husband, Patrick Feren!

Love and Aloha,


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