We heard a story that touched us deeply. It was about a family with two boys. One boy, age 4, was a little jealous of his newborn brother. One day, the older brother asked his parents if he could be alone with his baby brother. The parents were hesitant but relented to his request. However, to keep an ear on things, they set up the baby monitor. From the other room, they heard the older brother’s voice whispering to his baby brother: “Please remind me of Heaven. I’m starting to forget.”

We believe we all come to earth with a memory of our Divine heritage. That Divine memory then gets clouded by the many experiences that cross our path throughout our life. Our Divine Mind fades and our earthly mind, based on what we see and on how we are indoctrinated, gets stronger. Our earthly mind seems more real than our inner invisible splendor. 

We’ve been studying The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. He states: 

“I want you to forget everything you have learned in your whole life. This is the beginning of a new understanding, a new dream.” 

The dream he is writing about is the dream of this planet that has raised us to be separate from God, to be separate from everyone, to forget our True Nature. The New Dream is Oneness.

We believe our life’s journey is walking this bridge from apparent separation to Oneness consciousness.  Ernest Holmes, Founder of Science of Mind and Spirit states: 

“The philosophy of Jesus and the Buddha and all the mystics will remain sound when the belief in a material universe shall have been rolled up like a scroll and numbered with the things once thought to be real.” 

The belief that the material universe is separate from Spirit is our greatest illusion. This keeps us in separation which can only be healed through our realization of our Oneness with Source.

So, remembering is a process of forgetting all that we’ve been taught that enforces separation, and then filling the empty space with Truth – Oneness. We are here, as Ernest Holmes wrote, “…to prove that Spiritual thought force is greater than material resistance.”

We believe this earth plane is Heaven now, and if we want to live that Heaven, we must remember who we are. The veil that holds separation in place is consciousness. If we turn within and truly center, we can feel that veil of consciousness getting thinner and thinner. We are immortal now in our Oneness.

So, our journey in remembering who we are begins by being aware that EVERYTHING we experience is pulling us closer to Oneness. We do not need to look at any experience as bad or good, for it is calling us home to the Oneness. “What do I need to know?” is a question we often ask of ourselves in any challenging experience. There is always Truth to be revealed.

What can you remember and what can you forget today? We all possess that pure Infant mind with total recollection of ourselves as God. If we are remembering who we are – God – then we won’t have to forget anything else, because there won’t be room left for anything else.

Love and Aloha,

Revs. Rita Andriello-Feren, Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i, Spiritual Coach

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