Do I Have Faith?

On page 284 of the Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes discusses Faith. He writes, “Faith is real to the one who experiences it and cannot be denied to the mind of the one who has proven it. …Faith will not be denied, will not take no for an answer. It speaks an affirmative language. Faith knows that the universe is a Spiritual System, that man is part of this System. Because the system is perfect, the condition may become perfect and would be perfect it it were known to be so. …Faith looks to the invisible and instead of seeing a void, it fasten its gaze upon a solid reality. Faith is not hope, it is Substance.”

I want to focus on the idea that Faith cannot be denied to the one who has proven it. I have proven my faith in many instances in my life, and yet at times, I have denied it in another instance that comes up that seems difficult and impossible. I have not seen the Spiritual System that the Universe. I have seen a void instead of Substance when I have looked into the invisible. Can you identify with this?

This is a contradiction and it is why, for many of us, we stay stuck in our problems. We are not practicing and using the Power of Faith. All great mystics have told us that we must experience our desires mentally before we can bring them into form. This is seeing into the “invisible and instead of seeing a void, seeing solid reality.”

Last night, my husband I were feeling frustrated about something in our life. We were not seeing the way out of it. We were not gazing at the invisible and seeing Substance. We were simply seeing the problem. We were trying to recreate something new from old ideas. Then, we did an exercise with each other. We took turns telling each other one thing that we respected and appreciated about each other. The exercise went on for about thirty minutes, and by the time we were done, something had shifted. Nothing in the world of form had changed but we saw the Substance in the Invisible rather than the void.

I believe it happened because we realized that the problem didn’t really exist. What existed was the answer through the Energy that we brought to the situation. We had everything within ourselves to create a new situation. We looked into the Invisible and we saw the “solid reality” instead of the void because we recognized the Power within ourselves. We didn’t necessarily know how it was going to happen, but we knew and trusted and had Faith that all is well.

Faith is scientific. There is a mental Law that gives us back exactly what we give it. Faith in its workings takes letting go with an eye fixed on the “Substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” There is no way around it. And, yes, Faith cannot be denied once we’ve experienced its workings, at least not for long.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Co-Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i, Author, Spiritual Coach

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