No Room In the Overhead Bin

I’m flying today. I just landed in LAX and am on my way to New Mexico. I usually don’t use the overhead bin, but today it is on my mind. In fact, I couldn’t believe how much luggage was onboard. I was waiting to deplane and the people in front of me seemed to take dozens of suitcases out of the overhead bin. It reminded me of those clown cars at the circus. Some of us travel heavy. I’m not having any judgment, but it reminds me of what we do with our minds.

There is a quote by Emma Curtis Hopkins where she writes, “I have been a listening disciple. I have let people and objects and activities come toward me and impinge upon me till I have been over piled and mountain covered with thoughts.”

Have you ever felt over piled and mountain covered with thoughts? It’s like an overcrowded overhead bin. And, if you open it, just as the flight attendant says, “be careful because things might have shifted during the flight and come tumbling out.

As I travel, I can feel the over piled and mountain covered thoughts. There is a consciousness called COVID19 that moves through the airport today. Masks are on and some are off, but mostly on. I am not used to it, because I live on a little Island in the middle of the Pacific. I can feel removed from the outside world. It’s actually good to see what is happening outside of my small world. Lots of thoughts are tumbling out of the overhead bin of my filled mind.

I have to be careful. I have to remember that I am at my own Center. That Center is my own Consciousness and I must stay centered on what I know as Truth. There is only one Power and it is moving through me as me. I direct my own thoughts. I am wave and particle and I get to decide how I will be in this new atmosphere. I get to check within and feel what I really feel. Do I feel safe? If I don’t, I can’t fool myself. I should put my mask on.

The Law of our being is exact. It reads our mind, our feelings, and brings us the exact mental equivalent. Wherever we are in consciousness, we should act accordingly. What’s true for one person is not true for every person. If we would all really listen to our still small voice, we would always know what to do.

Today, I check in. I block out the outside voices that scream this and that and I just listen to that Voice within. I feel safe. I feel secure. I feel very blessed to be on this journey. I feel blessed to have an opportunity to practice what I preach.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Co-Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i, Spiritual Coach, Author

My new book “What Do I Need to Know? 101 Thoughts that Changed My Life” is available on AMAZON

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