At the Point of Giving Up?

In every hero’s, there is a point where the hero literally gives up. It seems that everything is lost and the hero will never accomplish what it is he/she has set out to accomplish. The hero is literally at a loss of what to do and it seems that he/she will go back to their old ways of being or maybe even die. At this point, something happens that causes the hero to charge forward to the end of the story. The hero might meet death or he/she might win, but the hero no longer cares about that. The hero only cares about the success of the quest.

I feel like I am this hero at this point in the story. I have been going after something for a long time. and I have let others tell me what is possible and what isn’t possible. I had come to the point of giving up what I intended, but something shifted today. Without going into the specifics of the story, I can tell you what shifted. I realized that I and I alone was responsible for how the story ended and that I had a very powerful ally – my own thoughts. I read this in the Science of Mind:

“Thoughts are more than things, they are the cause of things. Things have no independent evidence, since there can be nothing external to some comprehending mind. Our work is done in Mind alone, and our entire equipment is thought and the knowledge of the Power which it utilizes. This Power is superior to the intellect in Its creativeness.”

For me, the operative phrase is “…our entire equipment is thought and the knowledge of the Power which it utilizes.” Please do not confuse this for just sitting around thinking about the ending to your story, whatever that story is. No, what it means is that our minds are utilizing a Power that is superior to even our own intellect, and because it is creative in Its Power, It can bring forth whatever it is that we can “embody”comprehend” in thought. “Comprehend” to me means to totally accept or embody that whatever it is we are wanting is already here. We are waves of energy until we focus our attention with firm belief on a particular outcome. Life can only bring us what we can comprehend in thought.

The hero moves with a knowledge and belief that something greater than the obstacle before him/her is guiding and directing his/her path. The best example I can think of to explain this point is when Luke Skywalker in Star Wars is at the helm of his jet focused on destroying the Death Star. He lets go and a greater Power (THE FORCE) takes over. That FORCE is what we call the LAW which is bringing to pass his focused intention.

Wherever we are on life’s journey, there will come times when we feel like giving up. This is a good thing because what I believe is that at that point of giving up, we are allowing something greater than our finite mind to take over our path and lead us home. Think of the phrase, “Giving up.” We are giving it UP. We can trust this Power because it is beyond our own finite mind, yet our own mind is encompassed in It. We get to use as much of It as we can embody. I invite us all to let go, trust, and go for whatever it is we say we want, and remember our entire equipment is thought and the Power it utilizes. If we move with THAT, we cannot fail. However, we have to truly BELIEVE it.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andrilelo-Feren, Co-Founding Director CSL Kaua`i and the Institute of Magnificence and Author of “What Do I Need to KNOW? 101 Thoughts That Changed My Life” and “This Thing Called Treatment,” both available on Amazon.

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