A Little Bit More of Me

Five years ago, almost to the day, CSL Kaua`i took a mental leap to move into its own full-time space. We pushed beyond our limits by upping our rent and expenses to fulfill our obligation to have this beautiful space. Five years later, here we have signed another lease and upping our game again. CSL Kauai must grow.

This is how the Universe works in my life. I have to push the envelope. I have to urge myself to go a little further; otherwise, I would never grow in consciousness. When I push myself a little past my comfort zone, the Universe meets me. It has proven true in respect to CSL Kaua`i and in many aspects of my life.

Dr. Ernest Holmes, mystic, teacher author wrote, “There is something within us all which constantly pushes us forward, which demands our continued progress.”

I remember when we found the house we are presently living in. It was a little beyond where we had anticipated that we could go. However, upon opening the door for that first look, that inner voice whispered, “It’s time to step up.” We did and the Universe met us.

Dr. Holmes wrote, “Inertia may hinder our paying much attention, but this inner urge is always there. It is what keeps us going ahead sometimes almost against our will.

We are either growing or we are stagnating. We are either living or we are dying. I am not talking about physical death. I am talking about the death of our spirit of adventure, of passion, of creativity. These are all the aspects of God that are our nature and we are capable of nurturing them and expanding into them all the time. Dr. Holmes wrote talking about the Divine Urge, “An inherent quality in all people, it asserts itself whether we welcome it or not, because it is what we are, demanding expression.”

I believe we are at a crossroads in our evolution right now. The world of form is screaming our way, letting us know that we are in trouble, sending frightening messages of ill health and crashing economies. We can give in to all this, or we can reach inside and push up and out into a greater us. We must look beyond the form and into the invisible and begin to dream.

We can use our inner rich God resources of intuition, love, abundance, peace, harmony. We can push the envelope of what we might have thought we were capable of and give a little more of us. We can also open up to receive a little more because the Universe will immediately respond in-kind.

Dr. Holmes wrote, “Made in the image and likeness of the God, we cannot accept stagnation; something protest against it. We must move forward into a higher and more satisfying spiritual stature.”

It is our innate nature to be great. We live in circles. What goes out must come back. We are being called to push ourselves beyond the finite and expand into the Infinite. I invite us to find something today that calls for us to believe in a little more and to put that belief into action for the highest good of all.

Dr. Holmes wrote, “Divine discontent is a factor in our very makeup, and unless we are following its promptings we are not happy. We cannot get away from it because it is a part of our nature.”

We are stronger than we have ever conceived of being. We have all the qualities and talents and energy to meet our lives and greater and greater levels of intelligence and love.

In Love and Light,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i, Licensed Minister, Spiritual Coach

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