Emergent Evolution is Real

When the Universe makes a demand upon itself, it meets that demand. It is called emergent evolution. “It is the kind of evolution that takes place in the necessity of the condition.” Ernest Holmes

I am a firm believer in emergent evolution. I use this power anytime I am up against a challenge in my life. I know there is something within me that will meet the demand I am facing. For example, if I am hit with an unexpected financial challenge, I affirm to myself that this demand wouldn’t be here right now, if I didn’t have the supply to take care of it. The Universe is conspiring in my favor. As I have truly practiced this truth until it has become accepted at my subconscious level, I have proven it to be true for me in my life.

We live in a Universe that is backed by Consciousness. Some call it a mental Universe. I don’t like that term because it might confuse us to think that we are trying hard to think our way through life. No, it is a feeling Universe and it demonstrates our life according to our belief. All of our beliefs our held in our subconscious and our subconscious is running the show called our life. However, our Conscious or Objective selves or because we are always at choice, we have power to re-program our subconscious.

So, through practice and the reprogramming of my subconscious, I have come to believe that the Universe meets the demands of my life, whether they be in the form of financial or even health. The quantum scientists might tell me that I have rewired my brain to fire differently, therefore, living my life from a new reality. I attract the outward experiences to match my belief.

If any of this makes sense to you, I invite you to work with your subconscious programming, knowing that you have the conscious power to do so. Meditation, affirmations and Spiritual Mind Treatment are my methods. It takes practice, but it is an exciting adventure.

I believe during this time on earth, it is mandatory to know that we do have the power within us to respond to life as we choose and not to be swayed by everything that comes our way from the media and other outside forces. We have the power to earnestly inquire within and get answers. We have the power to believe as we choose to believe. We have the power to respond from a higher order of thinking.

It is emergent evolution. The Universe is demanding a change in consciousness and it has to meet the demand should we invest our spiritual efforts in the process.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Co-Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i

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