Turn Away from the Condition

In the teaching called The Science of Mind and Spirit we have a mental tool to use when wanting to change something for the better in our lives. It states to “turn entirely away from the condition.” (Ernest Holmes).

This statement is sometimes misconstrued to mean that we are in denial of what is really occurring in the world of facts or conditions. In other words, that we are refusing to look at something discordant, such as poverty or disease; and instead, in some ‘la la’ way, saying all is well.

I want to clear this up because I feel that while we are still in this confusion we will not reap the benefits of a scientific formula that can assist us in having more vibrant and healthy lives. There is a phrase that precedes the statement that is sometimes ignored. It is “In treating, WE MUST TURN ENTIRELY AWAY FROM THE CONDITION.”

What is Treatment? It is a movement of Mental Energy in the direction of our desire. If we want to be healthy, we must meditate on it, declare it, feel gratitude for our wellness, and with as much belief that we can muster that our health is already here, we must release and surrender it all to the Power of the Universe that manifests health as our experience.

So, when we are using this Power that creates from our mental and emotional signals, it would be impossible to create health from a feeling of illness. It would be impossible to experience wealth with a feeling of poverty. In order to pass through this eye of the needle, “while treating” we must turn away from the condition that is right here in our face.

This is not an easy task. It takes focus, persistence and much faith in the process. It takes training. It takes an acceptance of the truth that health, prosperity, joy, love, etc. our our natural states of being.

Many many people try to think correctly, to treat, to pray, to meditate and then tell me that it didn’t work. Just this declaration is stating that they thought they were the ones doing the healing. Other people understand that healing of any condition is revealing what is already here. They are not caught in the condition, analyzing it, dissecting it, googling it. They have the facts, but they are not swallowed up in them. They realize that everything is healing because everything is God, whether it is medicine, a doctor, or a sudden spontaneous knowing that we are well.

I have come to understand through using the Science of Mind as a healing modality in my life that I have the best results when I accept everything in my life with responsibility, and trust that I can change the way I think about it and therefore change the trend of the experience in the direction of my choosing. When I open up to the Power that is always working within my being and allow it to just flow through me, to listen to the still small voice, to open up to receive, to trust the process, to take my thoughts off the way “I” think it should go, I find that my life gets better and better.

I have used this Science in the world of prosperity and health and in many other areas, and have proven it again and again. I also know that because I believe in process that I grow by increments. As Dr. Raymond Charles Barker states in his book, “The Power of Decision,” “We cannot go beyond our own image or conception of ourselves.”

If we want to demonstrate the more in our lives, the health, the prosperity, the love, we must increase our consciousness of it. We must accept it as already ours.

There is a simplicity in the Laws of the Universe that if we would just accept and work with, we would get further along. It is simple: What we put out mentally with feeling comes back to us in experience. We see the world as we are.

For me, the Corona Virus, the descent into chaos, the inability to decipher the false from the true, recent transition of Power of our Government has shown a perfect unfoldment of this process. I believe truly what the majority of us want is peace. We want to get along. We want unity. We definitely want to be healthy. We want greater expression of our creativity. We love life. I believe that all that has occurred has been part of the healing because it has forced us to go within. If we dared to look at ourselves and our own lives, we could see the macrocosm in our own microcosm. As we began to change our mind about everything and see the healing already accomplished in the chaos, it had to appear.

I’m not saying that the shift in government is the answer to all of us, but I am saying that the awakening of a world asleep for many years is the healing. Sometimes we have to be shaken awake. Now we have to stay awake, stay involved, keep seeing and living in a world that we want to experience. We have to turn away from the condition and keep living as the greatest possible image of ourselves and let it keep growing, loving and putting it into action.

Ernest Holmes wrote this in the 1930’s:

“The invisible passes into visibility through our faith in it. A new science, a new religion, and a new philosophy are rapidly being developed. This is in line with the evolution of the great Presence and nothing can hinder its progress. It is useless, as well as foolish; to make any attempts to cover this Principle, or to hold It as a vested right of any religion, sect or order. The Truth will out; the Spirit will make Itself known. Happy are we if we see these things which, from the foundation of the human race, have been longed for by all aspiring souls.”

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Co-Spiritual Director, Center for Spiritual Living Kaua`i

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