My Sacred COVID19 Journey – Day 4

It’s all perspective! I truly believe that. Whether we are very sick or only feeling slightly unwell, it’s all perspective. Do we believe in our health? Do we believe that we are always supported, guided and directed? Do we believe that the Universe is conspiring for us? Do we look for the answers and expect to find them? Do we expect to get well? Do we focus on life and living? I find that this is the way I deal with life and I think it serves me.

Yesterday, I found out that a relative of mine who lives at a distance has decided to get vaccinated because of me. Her perspective was “If Rita can get COVID and she’s so spiritual, I better do something.” I have to say, I didn’t like hearing this. I’m glad she is getting vaccinated, but I don’t like the idea that people believe because we are “spiritual,” we do not get sick.

Yes, I consider myself prayed up and I have dedicated my life to ministry, but I still walk Planet Earth, and as Ernest Holmes would say, I am immersed in the consciousness of the Planet. Am I not any better off than others; only in that I am with the group of people who are conscious of themselves, their connection to Spirit and perhaps live by faith a little more directly. This group of people is definitely growing. When I get into the yuck, I know where to go directly and when I can’t get there because I’m stuck, I call for help.

Today, I am living in gratitude for my life and for my perspective on life. I want to say thank you to all those who have reached out in prayer and good wishes. I so appreciate it. I believe in prayer no matter what form it takes. Prayer is love and I’ve received so much.

Today, I continue to rest, reflect and even get some work done in the world of form. It’s a good day and I am ready for it.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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