A Difficult Beginning…

During these uncertain times, it is easy to feel that the life we once knew is unraveling. I am grateful we took the opportunity to travel to the Mainland and visit family. I am grateful that we stepped beyond hesitancy and moved in the direction of our intentions to experience love and connection. Our trip was blessed and the connections are stronger because of it. So now what?

We returned to an Island that is experiencing all sorts of feelings, consciousness, and some of it is based in fear. Our numbers of Covid19 cases are higher than past statistics, and the restrictions seem to be back again. Being a faith-based organization, we escape some of those restrictions, but still the fear in some of our congregation is still there. Our Sacred Journey is opening on October 8, and yesterday, we had three cancelations due to fear of traveling. I accept and respect where everyone’s consciousness is. We must follow our intuition and guidance.

I’ve already had COVID19 and moved through it with ease and grace. I am deeply sorry for all who have not had the experience I had with it. I know it is real and that we must practice healthy choices in all our endeavors. However, I know something beyond this. I will not allow COVID19 to stop the forward movement of my life. There is something to be gleaned from all this. I believe that gleaning includes going deeply within and trusting the Power that is within each of us, the connection of love that moves through us, the intuition that guides us and the possibilities of joy that are ours when we walk through our fears into our highest intention for our lives. As I said, I am so grateful that I walked through my fear and had the amazing connection with family and loved ones on the Mainland. It was well worth it.

Bob Proctor, motivational speaker and author, talks about something called the “terror barriers.” It is that fear that comes up when we make a decision for change and all the obstacles of consciousness – inadequacy, lack of funds, lack of time, and a million other obstacles rise up within us, forcing us back into complacency. Is that what is happening for many of us now? Is COVID19 and all its variants creating a fear barrier within us causing us to retreat from the changes and advancements we want to make for our lives?

If so, it is time to stop resisting what is happening in the relative world and to seek inner guidance of how to walk through it to our higher purpose. There are opportunities presented right now for each of us. We cannot see them through clouds of fear. Vincent Van Gogh wrote “The beginning is perhaps more difficult that anything else; but keep heart, it will all turn out all right,” I believe we are at the beginning of a great change in our world and the beginning is difficult. I believe that is what we are experiencing right now and if we persist in trying to keep things the same, desperately trying to go back to what was, we will not be privy to the amazing new world of advanced consciousness that is opening up right now. What is that world? It is us, using our innate Power to become greater, more loving, more connected, more abundant, more creative beings. We have to think out of the box now. We have to love more, give more and act more deliberately from a beginner’s consciousness

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Spiritual Director, CSL Kaua`i

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