How is Not a Good Question

“If you can hold it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.” Bob Proctor, motivational coach writes and talks on this in many of his presentations. In the Science of Mind and Spirit Philosophy, we teach that it is the “will” that holds our thought in place, allowing us to shift our consciousness and demonstrate in the world of form those experiences that we desire. Please do not confuse this with willpower. We do not will things to happen. However, the will or our ability to keep our thoughts clear and aligned is ours to use. It is a powerful tool.

Many of us want to have better lives. We might want more abundance of finances. We might want to be better at having relationships. Maybe we want to be more creative in our work. We want to be healthy, strong and vibrant. All the things we desire are possibilities if we are willing to accept and receive them. This means we must open up our consciousness of acceptance and allow the Law of Mind in Action to work through us.

The Law of Mind in Action is simply the magnifying vibration of the Universe that brings toward us or pushes away from us our desires. It works all the time. It is vibrating as we are vibrating. It is attracting those experiences to us that match our vibration. We know now, through science, what the mystics have taught for centuries. It is all about vibration and it is done unto us as we believe.

It might seem too simple to be true or too good to be true, but it’s not. As simple as it is, it might be the most difficult practice to instill in our minds which have been conditioned by outside causes for so long. As Neville Goddard put it, “Man’s chief illusion is his conviction that there are causes outside of himself.”

So, right now, can we bring something that we truly desire to experience to mind? Then, with our will can we keep our thoughts stayed on it already being here? Can we act as if it were so? And, can we stop asking “How will this happen?” This question will stop everything. It will stop everything, because we will be getting in the way of a Power (The Law of Mind in Action) that doesn’t know how it will happen and only knows that it is already happening. It is arranging the pieces of our demonstration in the way of people, experiences and more.

Please do not confuse this with sitting on the couch, doing nothing and just having good thoughts. You’re only job is to walk as if it were already so, doing your part, following your intuition, daily disciplining your mind to think only of that which you want.

I will give you a simple example of the miracle of creation. Eight years ago, when we set the date to have our first Sunday Celebration Service here on Kaua`i, we did not have a venue. However, we did all of the above. We walked as if it were so, sending out announcements and following all leads that came to us. We knew it was already so. Within a short period and well ahead of our schedule, we walked into a hotel, met a woman who totally embraced us and our Center and gave us a space for a fee that was unheard of on this Island. The next day she left that hotel to work somewhere else. We were secured in our contract and went on to have our first service right on schedule.

“How?” is not a good question in the formula of demonstrating our desires. Stay away from this question. Only use your analytical mind to do what is yours to do. Stay in your right brain or creative brain with unlimited possibilities for every moment and watch what unfolds. It will seem like a miracle, but it is the natural order of the Universe.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i

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