How Dare You!

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All month long we have been talking about being daring. Our mantra has been “I dare to embrace my magnificence!” The question is have I dared to embrace my magnificence all month long? Ernest Holmes once wrote, “Dare to love God without mediator and without veil.” The Power of the One Spirit is in and through each of us, and we need no mediator to take us to it. It is us and we commune with it through the power of our own thought. Wow! That is our magnificence. Did we dare to embrace our magnificence this month?

I cannot say I was successful every moment? There were times when I looked at outside conditions in the world, in my life, and got sucked into them. I wondered if anything would get better. I wondered when the next surprise or change would come and what I would do. These feelings are all normal in the given circumstances, but they are not the feelings of one who is truly embracing her magnificence.

Fortunately, I am good at getting myself back on track. I am good at remembering. If I have learned anything during this month of being daring, it has been how daring I truly need to be. I could get sucked into the drama or I could dare to think above the conditions. We all, at times, get sucked into challenges. It might seem as though there were no resolutions. However, we could remember to dare to embrace our magnificence, and to know that any answer we would ever need was already here. I am being called to do this now.

Ernest Holmes once wrote, “The man who dares to fling his thought out into Universal Intelligence, with the assurance of one who realizes his divine nature and its relation to the universe – and dares to claim all there is – will find an ever-creative good at hand to aid him. To the soul that knows its own divinity, all else must gravitate. Let us, then, enlarge our thought processes and dare to think in Universal terms. Let us dare to believe that every constructive word is invincible.”

What does it mean to dare to fling our thought out into Universal Intelligence and what happens when we do this? Nothing if we do it without knowing our Divine nature and its relationship to the Universe. What is that relationship? Well, when God speaks stuff happens. When we fling our thought out into Universal Intelligence with assurance that our Word has the Power unto the thing which is spoken, stuff most definitely happens. There is a Law. It is the Law of the Transmutation of Energy. It is always happening and it is happening in correspondence to our thought. “To the soul who knows its own Divinity, all must gravitate.”

I think that sometimes we get sucked into what is and do not dare to think beyond it. We believe what people tell us instead of figuring out what we truly believe. We listen to everyone instead of listening to ourselves. Do you believe that you could sit for five minutes quietly and ask for guidance and get it? I did just that before I wrote this blog. Nothing was coming to me and I just couldn’t get a grasp on it. Instead of giving up, I sat for five minutes and asked for guidance. I believed that that guidance was coming from my higher self. Then, I just started typing.

Every answer is here for us. We do not have to go looking for it. The Universe is vibrating with energy. It is unfolding in every moment, waiting for our command.

Deepak Chopra once wrote, “The dream begins in the same place where the dream comes true. …At the level of the true self no outcome is separate from you. …The energy of Attraction is Intelligent. It organizes the whole path from desire to fulfillment.”

Do we dare to trust this Law of intelligence that organizes our whole path? I’ll go back to a challenge I am experiencing right now. I cannot think of the resolution for it, but what I’ve come to realize is that there is an Intelligent energy that can put the pieces together. All I have to do is keep my eye on the loving outcome and then listen for what to do next, that is if there is anything for me to do next.

I wrote this in a blog several years ago and it popped up in my memories. It goes like this. “Today, my question is “What if?” What if nothing were as it seemed? What if the ground beneath my feet was fluid and I was just energy? What if today everything I could ever dream possible was possible? What if disease didn’t exist? What if I won the lotto today? What if my wildest dreams were reality? What if I never experienced a pain in my body again? What if I could run a marathon right now? What if I could transport myself anywhere I wanted to go whenever I wanted to go there? What if world peace was all there was? What if?  So, what if all the things we struggle about are really just a story made up by our own confusion about who we are and what is possible?”

What are our what ifs? Do we dare to live our what ifs? Do we dare to not only love God without a mediator or a veil, but dare to live God without a mediator and without a veil? I am being called deeply to live my magnificence fully. I don’t always know what it is going to look like, but I do know what it feels like. It is when I feel that something other than my small finite limited self is running the show. It is when I allow the Spirit to breathe me and guide my path. It is when I know that anything and everything is possible.
“The Spiritual world is the CAUSE of the material; we are spiritual beings governed by mental law. ONLY THAT WORLD CAN APPEAR TO US WHICH WE MENTALLY PERCEIVE. Man’s experience is the logical outcome of his inner vision; his horizon is limited to the confines of his own consciousness.” Ernest Holmes (448)

It’s up to me to see a bigger world and live as if I am in a bigger world. It is my responsibility to live without limits and let go of everything that seems limited. The world is to me as I perceive it to be.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i

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