The Big You Wants to Play

I heard these words this morning and took them to heart: “There’s a big you locked up inside just waiting to come out.”

This week is the beginning of our 8th Annual Sacred Journey here on the Island of Kaua`i. There are 17 participants coming to enjoy 7 days of delving into their deepest selves. This year we have intended this Journey to be the Journey of Self-Love. There is much to still accomplish before the beginning of Friday, October 8 and much to create and implement each day as it unfolds. Who’s doing the work?

Well, we have a team in place, but still the Journey rests on our shoulders (my husband’s and mine). This is where the Big Me I might have locked up comes to my aid. As I told someone yesterday who was having a hard time meeting a deadline, there is Power within us that is doing the work. He could paint that painting or he could hand it over to the Infinite Intelligence within himself. Ernest Holmes, philosopher and mystic used to say, “Relax into It!”

The question is: can we let go and relax into it? Can we trust our inner world to manifest our outer world? Can we think in big ways, staying calm no matter what is occurring? Can we visualize our outcome and then follow the prompts and leads that we are given? Can we decide ahead of time how we will think before we embark on our journey? Can we stay in charge of our emotions?

I trust and have faith in the Creative Process, which is constantly moving through me. I know that when I set an intention and plant the seed of that intention into the soil of my subjective mind and just allow it to grow, keeping my mind (my will) on the perfect outcome no matter what, the result has to come forth in the most perfect way.

This is not just wishing things would happen; it is knowing that they are already happening. When I match my vibration to my intention, it has to vibrate with me as me. This is not a fairytale; it is science. It is why it is difficult to manifest an outcome. We might be working from the same state of mind that created the situation we are wanting to rise above. In fact, that is most likely the case, because it is difficult to think differently and above our conditions. However, I know it is possible. It takes persistence and practice.

So, I am definitely in the laboratory this week working these Principles through the Sacred Journey of Self-Love. I keep my mind stayed on the outcome, which is the most amazing, grace-filled, loving Journey we’ve ever had. I know each person will receive their greatest good from it. I know that all the support and love is already in place for this. It is already formed in the Field as a spiritual proto-type. I am simply living it in this now moment.

It is an amazing Principle to experience and with which to work. We are guaranteed not just success, but fulfillment and joy and the opportunity to grow and expand.

There’s a big you locked up inside just waiting to come out and play. Have fun!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i

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