I am Unlimited

Today, I sit here with the realization that I am unlimited. I sense and feel this as Truth. I am about to co-facilitate the Sacred Journey of Self Love here on the Island of Kaua`i. The participants have already started to arrive. As I receive the phone calls and texts, I can feel the mounting excitement of the Journey unfolding. It’s been almost two years of cancellations and postponements due to the pandemic and now we are going forward. It is really beginning!

I know this unlimited feeling I have is dictating to me what is possible when I set my imagination into gear and allow the Power and Presence of the unlimited Source work through me. I know the necessity of staying in the moment and allowing the Journey to unfold. We are prepared, but there is an unexpected quality to each event. The pandemic has taught me that. “Stay in the moment. Be prepared to bend like the bamboo. Know you are always safe, guided and directed.”

If you are on the brink of creating something in your life, I invite you to get in touch with your true identify, untouched by the conditions of the relative world. Your Energy is Infinite Energy. It doesn’t know limitations. This is a vibrational world. We are all Energy. We have the opportunity to create our life by vibrating at the frequency of those experiences we say we want. We do not create, we become.

When an artist paints, he sets a pallet before himself. He chooses the colors. He chooses the canvas. He chooses the focus of his painting. We are all artists with an array of colors and brushes to choose from. The canvas is blank. We don’t have to paint over an old canvas or try to fix what we conceive as mistakes. As soon as we say so, we can start over. We can begin a new creation.

I don’t have to live this Journey like the last one or the one before that. I am new today. You are new today. I invite us all to surrender to our true Identity as creative, unlimited beings. If you have noticed, things are speeding up. How you think is important. It is not just affecting you. It is affecting the whole magnetic field of this planet. “Judge not by appearances…” is more important than ever right now. Everything comes from the unseen. You are in charge of the unseen. It is all about perception and focus. Love guides us all. Enjoy the most magnificent of journeys ever, today and always!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Spiritual Director, CSL Kaua`i

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