The Healer – Part 1

Well, I recently sat with someone who told me she had been to a healer. The person said it with much excitement, stating that she had never had quite that experience before. I had worked with this person several weeks ago, and witnessed a great healing in her life. I’m not sure she related it to our time together. I’m not saying this from an egotistical mind, but because I care about Spiritual Mind Treatment and how it is perceived in the world. As I sat listening, I began to wonder why the Science of Mind Practitioner is sometimes not thought of as a healer. When this person asked me if I’d ever been to a great healer, I stated “Yes, when I have been to a Science of Mind Practitioner. I don’t think she heard me.

This whole experience, along with a growing urge within me to bring Spiritual Mind Treatment to the foreground as a modality for healing is now my purpose at Center for Spiritual Living Kaua`i. I believe we have been much too quiet about this powerful modality of healing that shifts so many lives, including my own on a daily basis.

Many of the modern day scientists talk about digging into our subconscious. They talk about changing our patterns of automatic reactions that we experience, which they say come from old beliefs that have been with us since the beginning of our lives and maybe before that. This is nothing new to the Science of Mind Practitioner. We live in a field of consciousness that is non local and in which every thought that has ever been thought resides. It is no wonder that many of us cannot escape the patterns in our thinking that create disease, poverty and much more that doesn’t serve us. Ernest Holmes, Founder of Science of Mind and creator of Spiritual Mind Treatment would say, “We are hypnotized by the race.” Many of us think randomly and without much control of our thoughts. Many just re-act to whatever happens in their conditional world, and do not realize that they have the Power to change their beliefs, which changes their thinking, which changes their energy, which changes their lives. We are Powerful because we are conscious beings with the gift of choice and volition. What we think matters greatly.

So how does Spiritual Mind Treatment work? Well, first of all, Ernest Holmes called it “Treatment” because he was sure it was as powerful as what the doctor can do for us. Since the medical world used the word “Treatment,” Ernest thought it was a good word to explain what was happening in Spiritual Mind Treatment. We are treating our minds, directing our thoughts, changing beliefs, shifting energy and creating an avenue in which our healing can take place. Healing is not fixing something. It is revealing our true identity as God’s perfection. We do not heal a condition. We reveal the Consciousness of healing, of wholenesss. In the Consciousness of Perfection disease cannot live. It flees in the Light of Love.

Spiritual Mind Treatments are not just words or prayers or hocus pocus. Spiritual Mind Treatment is a Real Formula for change, and when spoken by a Practitioner who knows only Wholeness when the patient sits before her or him, demonstration occurs. Healing takes place. I have experienced it and witnessed it.

I have witnessed many healings in my 20+ years in this Science. Sometimes, the client doesn’t realize that everything that occurs after a Treatment is given is a demonstration of the Treatment, because it is not instantaneous in the relative world. It might come in the form of finding just the right medication or suddenly getting an appointment with a doctor who said they weren’t taking any more patients. And then, it might take form as a spontaneous remission. Every experience is unique.

Spiritual Mind Treatment is based on the conviction of the Practitioner and the receptivity of the client. What does this mean? Well, as I stated before, we all live in this Field of Consciousness. When the Practitioner speaks his or her word with conviction, belief and great feeling, the Energy Field shifts in the direction of the Word. When the patient is open and receptive, this shift occurs in his or her life. It is guaranteed.

Sometimes Treatment has to be repeated many times until this consciousness shift of the individual takes place. That is okay. There is no process of healing, but there is a process in healing, which is the time it takes for our consciousness to accept the Truth of our being. We are perfect. We are Wholeness. We are Energy never touched by any condition. We are Love and we are Light.

Another misconception is that healing means healing of the body. Yes, that could be the result, but healing is the healing of consciousness first and finally. Sometimes, this means that the person might transition because that is their healing. The Practitioner is not in charge of the Treatment’s results. She or He is only responsible for giving the Treatment and staying in the Consciousness of Wholeness.

So, if you are a Science of Mind Practitioner and someone asks you if you have ever been to a healer, I invite you to please let them know that you are a healer. You can then explain what that means; however, do not be afraid to use the word “healer.” It is a word that the world understands. A Spiritual Mind Practitioner and the Power of Spiritual Mind Treatment now needs to take its place in the world as a legitimate modality of healing. Ernest Holmes writes at the beginning of the Science of Mind, that “the time will come when religion and science will walk hand-in-hand.” That is what most definitely is happening in this moment. Spiritual Mind Treatment is scientific and its effects are lasting, once consciousness has shifted. There is no turning back. “The mind once expanded cannot go back to its original size.” That is the Power of Spiritual Mind Treatment.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello–Feren, Healer and Spiritual Director, CSL Kaua`i.

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