The Healer – Part 3 – Who’s Speaking?

The essential part of Spiritual Mind Treatment is to know who is speaking. In the Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes, mystic, teacher and creator of Spiritual Mind Treatment writes, “The highest mental practice is to listen to the Inner Voice and to declare Its Presence. The greater a man’s consciousness of this Indwelling I AM, the more fully he will live. This will never lead to illusion, but will always lead to Reality. All great souls have known this and have constantly striven to let the Mind of God express through their mentalities. “The Father that dwelleth in me, He doeth the works.” This was the declaration of the greater Master, and it should be ours also; not a limited sense of life but a limitless one.” 344

When we speak a Spiritual Mind Treatment, we stir within ourselves the sense that there is only Spirit everywhere present. It is the moment or moments we take to recognize the unlimited Source of the Universe that moves through everything and everyone, ever creating from Itself anew in every moment that will make our Treatment powerful. There is not one spot that lacks this Presence in its wholeness. Spirit is everywhere and unlimited in its scope. As we arrive at this understanding, our Treatment will be effective. The next step brings us there when we identify with this all-providing and powerful Presence. If God/Source/Spirit is everywhere then that would include you and me.

So, who is speaking the Treatment into demonstration? It would be unlimited Spirit or what Jesus called, “The Father within.” It is the Principle, the Presence, the Life Force that doeth the work. That would be the Consciousness that is each of us that Knows this with a capital “K.”

The more we Know this, the more Powerful our Treatments will be. This is not a left-brain, analytical process. We can learn this theoretically through reading and study; but, it is not until we feel it on the cellular level that we have arrived. When we speak a Treatment from this place, we hardly remember what we said. We are moved by the Spirit within.

We all have this capability. Some are just born this way, perhaps; but, for most of us, we must dedicate the time and effort to moving into this Consciousness. This takes meditation, and practice and yes, Treatment itself. Does that contradict what I just said? No, it doesn’t. If Treatment is a movement of Energy and a tool for changing our beliefs and rewiring our brains, then Treatment to embrace the Presence of God within us at a greater level is definitely integral to this journey.

I love to walk in nature, to meditate, to treat every day. This is the way that I keep my level of awareness high amidst the many distractions that cross my path on a daily basis. If I am prepared for my day from the highest place, I get to look out into my world from that place. Life makes more sense and I can see behind the scenes to a greater Reality.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Healer & Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i

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