Min-D-ing for Gold

“There is one life. That life is God’s life. That life is perfect. That life is my life now.” As we chanted this one phrase by Ernest Holmes in the temple chamber at the Hindu Monastery on Kaua`i during our annual Sacred Journey and with our friend and mentor the Sadasivanathapalaniswami, feeling it echoing off the walls into my heart: There is only one, everywhere present in everything, inexhaustible and always recreating from itself anew. This is the Mind of God, the One Life within each of us.

As I know this is Truth, I contemplate why there is so much suffering in the world. The answer is: Many do not know and believe this about themselves. So, my mission in life is to be one of those mentors who assists in bringing this message to those who are seeking it.

In life when one mines for gold, he or she must explore and then drill and then assess what has been drilled. They must extract and process their find until pure gold is revealed. I do not know all the ins and outs of gold mining, but I know that what lies within me and within you is Gold. Taking out the “l”, we reveal what that is: It is God. What is God but Infinite Energy ever available as and through each of us.

In his book, Creative Mind and Success, Ernest Holmes writes, “Life is from within out and never from without inward. You are the Center of Power in your own life.” If we never forgot and always applied this one principle, we would all experience the prosperity of the Universe.

But what is prosperity? For me it is the knowing that I have no needs. It is a consciousness that knows that everything is always right here. Ernest Holmes wrote, “Let us daily make our unity with supply, declaring that all the Power in the Universe is daily bringing us all that we can use. Feel the Presence of supply and know it is yours now.”

The world is to us at we perceive it to be. Until we truly feel the world we wish to see in our very bones, it cannot appear to us. We cannot tell ourselves one thing and act as the opposite. Action speaks louder than words.

To Mind for God, we have to first accept that our Mind is God’s Mind and that “the same Mind that made a star, as Ernest wrote, is the Mind that we use.” There is only one Mind, One Life. One God. One Power. As much of it that we are aware of and use,  is personified as us.

I lived a life of poverty for much of my life because I did not understand this concept. I thought it was outside things that would make me happy and make me feel safe. It was not until I realized that life is lived from inside out and that it is actually scientific and provable that I became more and more affluent. Affluence is measured by consciousness, not by possessions. Get God first and everything else follows.

There were steps for me. First, I had to understand the principle theoretically. Then I had to take what I knew theoretically and begin applying it to my life, trusting it. Then when I failed, I had to keep stripping away what was in the way of my success. This includes the self-sabotaging thoughts and acts. Saying that I want something and inwardly feeling like I didn’t deserve it would be a sabotaging subconscious thought.

There is an exercise of looking in the mirror. Many of us don’t like doing it. You tell yourself you love you and that you are good and amazing. You appreciate yourself. This is minding for God. If we cannot do it, we can’t expect the results of life that we say we want. Self-Love comes first. Knowing what we want is next. Taking action from our highest place is next.

Ernest Holmes wrote, “The Universe is filled with activity. There is motion everywhere. Nothing stands still. All activity comes from mind. If we want to be in line with things we must move. This doesn’t mean that we must strain or struggle, but we must be willing to do our part by letting the Law work though us.”

What is Law? It is simply the energetic Force that reacts to our feelings and emotions. It is Infinite Intelligence that awaits the impress of our thoughts. It is not outside of us; it is us. It knows how to put the pieces of our life together. It works when we stake our claim and move with our inner promptings. Everything is in the field in possibility. We anchor it with whatever we give attention to and put to action.

Here is a place to start:

  1. Get quiet and don’t be confused by effects. They have no power or intelligence. They come from Cause and you are Cause. Get quiet until you feel the Presence of Infinite Intelligence within and around you. (Sometimes, sitting in nature helps.)
  2. Get a picture of what you desire. Know what you want.
  3. Believe you are receiving it by giving thanks for it as if you already have it. Gratitude is key.
  4. Then declare to yourself that you now know what to do even though you more than likely do not. There is a place within you that does know.
  5. Do this every day until you get some direction. Before you go to sleep is a good time because your subconscious is open and receptive.
  6. Never deny that it is working. Ideas will begin to take form. Synchronicities and seeming coincidences and chance meetings will greet you. Ideas will take form, When they do, act upon them with conviction and faith.

Soon you will find yourself living a new life, even better than you imagined.

Ernest Holmes wrote, “Great things are done by people who think great thoughts and then go out into the world to make their dreams come true.”

I invite those reading this to experiment with these Principles by trusting them and putting them into action. You are a gold mine or a God Mind!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Healer, Spiritual Coach and Director of CSL Kaua`i

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