Don’t Give Up

Persistence and patience are two important qualities of successful living. So many times, we give up right before success occurs. We might be trying a new business or just starting a new job or waiting for that new relationship. Patience and persistence are integral to manifesting our dreams.

But persistence is a tricky word. We might think that being persistent means using will power or forcing things to happen. This is far from the Truth. Will power does not bring our dreams of success any closer, but persistence in thinking the highest and best thoughts about our pursuits and ourselves does. This type of persistence is called “Will.” When we say we have the will to do it, it means we are persistent in knowing that we are succeeding. We keep our mind poised on the dream and our vision of it coming into fruition. We do not get side-tracked by the world of effects that might show us otherwise. We look for, what I call “signs of land.” Signs of land our little clues the Universe drops in our view that show us we are going in the right direction. We won’t see them, if we do not look for them. What we focus on grows, remember!

My grandma used to tell me “Good things come to those who wait.” I didn’t like this at all. It made me feel even more impatient if I was waiting for a boy to call me and he was taking his good time. I wanted things now. Our society teaches us the now mentality. It’s amazing that as fast as the Internet works, we are still wanting it to go faster. We are prepped for everything to be here now.

For me, patience is knowing, not waiting. It is knowing that all is well. It is knowing that even if something I am waiting for us not showing up in the now moment, I Know (with a capital K) that it is here already. Once I have claimed it, the Mind of the Universe (my mind) is cooking up the best way to bring it in my direction. I trust this. I have faith in this; therefore, I can be patient.

When we know what we want, when we remember who we are, and when we trust the Laws of the Universe, we naturally have all the patience and persistence to be successful. So, if we are having trouble with these two P’s, I invite us to go back to the beginning. Court the Universal Power, Source of All, God (or whatever you call it), focus inward and feel It breathe your breath and beat your heart. Love is there and you are that Love. It’s just waiting for your willingness to recognize It. It wants to express through you in greater and greater ways.

Explore what is important to you and claim what you want. Don’t relegate what you want on what you appear to have. Everything begins in the Quantum field. Once you’ve decided, then give up everything that contradicts that want. Trust the Laws of the Universe. Remember that the higher Laws of the Universe always bring us in exact portion that which we feel we can have. It’s guaranteed.

And again, practice patience and persistence. Don’t give up ever! Changing direction is not giving up, and you will know if that is necessary. You are powerful! You are guaranteed to live the life of your dreams.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Healer and Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i

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