My Life is Unfolding Perfectly

My life is always unfolding perfectly no matter what! This is an affirmation that I learned in my early years in the Science of Mind. What happens when I repeat this affirmation? Well, I begin to reflect it out into the Field, and experiences come to me that reflect that affirmation. Not so much so that they are perfect experiences in the world of conditions, but that they are perfect for me and my emotional, mental and spiritual evolution. My life unfolding perfectly does not mean that I do not have challenges. It means that I have all the tools to meet that challenge, and it would not be in my life if it was not for me.

I am living through an experience right now that is calling up many of the things I am working on. It is calling up the power to speak my word with compassion. It is calling up my faith in life and trust that there is always a solution. It is calling up my ability to be a center of peace amidst the chaos. What better experience could I have right now? My life is always unfolding perfectly.

Life is about expansion and growth of our Spirit. We have this great playground called the physical world that appears to us as reality, but is really all energy. I heard Dr. Bruce LIpton explain this physical life as an illusion. This reminds me of Emma Curtis Hopkins who said the same thing. She was a 20th Century healer.

What does calling life an illusion mean? It means we are all energy and we are creating the world as we see it and believe in it. We are actually bringing the energy together with our thoughts and beliefs. It’s the Law of Observation or Perception. As Dr. Wayne Dyer put it, “As we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.”

I choose to look at things not as they appear, but as I want them to be. If there is no seeming love in a situation, I know that beyond that appearance love is present. Love can never go away. I’m not talking about a fairytale love. I am talking about Love as the very pulsation of the Universe that pushes through everything.

The Science of Mind teaches me that I create my reality. This is not meant to mean that I ignore my reality; it means that I get to shift my reality by applying the Principle of Love to everything.

We are in the Season of Gratitude right now. I am grateful for my understanding of the Science of Mind that gives me tools such as Spiritual Mind Treatment to reorganize my thoughts in a definite direction, replacing them with thoughts that actually are moving in the direction I desire in that moment. I can shift energy, shuffle it around in any way I choose and expect results in my life. It works! Spiritual Mind Treatment is not just a bunch of words. It is the Word (Intention) sent out into the Field with enough feeling and conviction to pull the experience of that intention back to me. It is direct and definite.

My life is always unfolding perfectly. No matter the experience presenting itself, I know that I am behind that experience. If necessary, it is my responsibility to change my perceptions about it. I have the tool of Spiritual Mind Treatment to use.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Healer, Spiritual Director, CSL Kaua`i

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