So much is going on right now. One could lose faith if one allowed oneself to do so. As I woke up today, I thought about how frightening it can be to rely on anything outside of oneself. I thought about how we rely on our jobs for our paychecks. I thought about how we can rely on the government to do what is right. I thought about how we can rely on other people to act the way we think they should. This makes for a very insecure life. For me, there is only one place to go now, and that is into my inner Temple.

Have we lost this connection to ourselves? I think many of us have. We point outward for answers and understanding. We give ourselves over to the hopelessness in many situations. We try with all our might to make something happen, to have a better day than the one before. We have forgotten who and what we are. We have forgotten that there is the Self that will never let us down, no matter what goes on in the outer world, no matter what situation we find ourselves in, no matter who or what deserts us. This inner Self is always calling us home. It never changes. It is always here for us.

The Master Teacher, Jesus, called it the Kingdom of Heaven. It is our true Self. It is where all answers are. It is a quiet place that takes no effort to align with. It is the place of allowing. It is the place of attraction. It is our very vibration. My question for myself today is “How am I vibrating?” And then I ask: “Am I loving myself? Am I trusting mySELF? Our journey to the SELF is a life-long journey.

When we are flying in a jet, the airline attendant always says, “Please keep your seatbelt on in case we experience rough air.” I liken rough air to what we are going through right now collectively and individually. My friend Rev. Dr. Jonathan Zenz calls it “The Rally.” What’s that? Well, it is what we sometimes experience when we are passing. There is a moment when our energy surges and it looks as if we will not pass on. Then just as suddenly, we are released to death. Dr. Jonathan and I discussed that perhaps what’s happening in our world right now is that Rally. The old world, what we knew as real, what we’ve been trying so hard to hold on to is dying. This chaos and intense negative experiences that some of us are experiencing is that Rally. As Rev. Donna Michael would call it: “The last gasp of a dying fear.” And now, it is time to let go.

I believe the old world is dying. A new world is being born. That new world is being born within each of us, firstly. What we will see outside of ourselves will come from there. We will love our neighbors as we love ourselves. I talked to someone yesterday who was very upset because he said everything changed since COVID came. “People have changed. People are mean.” No, people are desperate. People are clinging to the old way of doing things and it’s not working.

So, if you are feeling very insecure right now about how things are going in your outside world, I invite you to consider that perhaps all the security you ever required is right where you are. You are powerful. You are Intelligence. You are Love. You are magnificent! This Truth can never been taken away from us. It might dim in the outside storm, but It is always there within, constant, and ready to be known. This Self can only be known in the silence of your own heart and mind. You won’t find it outside, but when you find it within, the outside world will look different, new and magnificent. We will see what is unfolding as part of the great awakening. It might be rough air, but sometimes it takes rough air to get where we are going.

I invite us all to take the journey to the Self, to be there for each other on our journeys and to share our True Self, the struggles and the victories.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Co-Spiritual Director, CSL Kaua`i, Spiritual Coach, Author

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