How to Fix a Problem

Ernest Holmes wrote, “If one does not know exactly what he wishes to do, he should treat himself for general success in whatever he attempts to do. He must treat himself for guidance into the knowledge of that which would be best for him to do, remembering that the Inner Mind knows infinitely more than the intellect. It knows how to take ideas and form objective circumstances around them. Naturally, the sooner we know just what we wish to do, the quicker we shall create mental images that are definite and the Creative Mind can more quickly set to work to carry out our plans for us.”

Before I go further, let me explain some of the jargon in the above quote. To “treat” means to give affirmative prayer, which is simply praying the outcome. In other words, if you think you do not have guidance, you would state that “guidance is right where you are.” The reason this works is because guidance is always available. You are not creating it; you are merely tapping into it because you have recognized its presence.

The “Inner Mind” he is talking about is the energy of the Law of Cause and Effect that responds to us according to our intention and the feeling we put behind it. In other words, if we are treating for guidance, it responds to us by awakening that guidance within us. It might come in the form of an idea or even a person who suddenly appears on our path with just the right information. We get out of the way of how things appear. We just know that whatever it is that we are treating about is already here. It is a mental world and we cannot create from that which already is. We must look to the formless.

So, let’s bring this down to an example. I’ve titled this blog, “How to Fix a Problem.” I have something in my life that seems like a problem right now. How do I approach it? I approach it with the power of the above quote. First of all, I stop calling it a problem. I stop telling myself that there is not answer. I stop looking at it as impossible to solve. I turn it around. I change my thought patterns first through treatment and then by looking at everything that appears after that as a solution.

It is like trying to fix something broken in your house. My ex-husband used to do this and he would always complain about not having the right tools. “If I have the right tools, the job is easy,” he would say. It’s the same with life. We need the right tools to adjust our relationship to the outside world. The greatest tool we have, really the only tool, is the power of our our mind and its ability to think coupled with a Law of our being that is continually bringing our thoughts into objective form. If we look at our life, we will see what we believe.

We are not fixing anything. If we can get that out of our minds, we will progress in life more easily and more quickly reach our goals. Again, as Ernest Holmes wrote, “The conscious mind may change these thought patterns and thereby cause a different flow of energy and intelligence toward the objective of its desire.” It is our Spirit, our Intelligence that is the conscious mind. It has the power to choose how we will think, and thus we are answered accordingly by Law. It is guaranteed.

Can you keep you mind poised today on the solution rather than the problem? Can you, moment-by moment, allow yourself to flow with the possibility of an answer? Then, can you act accordingly? You will get nudges and sychronicities will guide you in the right direction. You’ll know it is the true guidance because it will lead you toward good and loving solutions. It doesn’t mean you won’t be challenged; it doesn’t mean it will always be easy. It does mean the support will appear when you require it.

In closing, Ernest Holmes writes, “WE MUST BELIEVE. WE MUST LEARN HOW TO BELIEVE. WE SHOULD TREAT OURSELVES UNTIL WE DO BELIEVE. No one ever started at the top. Let us be happy to begin right where we are an grow.”

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Co-Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i, Spiritual Coach, Author

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