Dream…Then Live…

Vincent Van Gogh was wrote, “I dream of painting; then I paint my dream.” This is significant to me in my own life. My dream of what life can be must be lived. In other words, there are to steps to living: Using our imaginations and then acting from that place. It is not enough to dream of how we want things to be. We must live as we want things to be before we see it in the world. We must live from our dreams. This takes courage.

I have felt myself caught up in the world of conditions during this pandemic. So much so, that I experienced COVID19 myself. I walked through it with spiritual strength and conviction in health, but still I ask myself, “Why me?” None of us are free from getting caught in the chaos. We must remain strong in our dream of the world we want to see, and live it.

Some of us are waiting for things to get better before we do this or that. We are waiting until COVID19 passes. We are waiting for another vaccine. We are waiting and waiting. We cannot act from any place but where we are in consciousness. I respect everyone’s location; however, I want to pose another idea.

What if we had a different perspective on what is occurring in the world? What if instead of waiting, we decided how we wanted to live and went out and lived it? What if we trusted that we were divinely guided and directed and all times? If that guidance led us to stay put where we are, then we would know that we were acting from intuition and not fear. I know many people, including myself, who are traveling right now, and coming home grateful that they did. I also know that it takes a consciousness of safety to travel safely. What if we trusted that as we lived our lives by our choice and decision that there was a Power greater than anything in the world of conditions moving through us, taking us to the manifestation of our dream? What if we got out of the way of how we thought things would happen and trusted that they were already happening for our highest good?

Ernest Holmes, author and teacher, once wrote that we cannot go any further than where we are in consciousness. However, we can grow in consciousness. This is what spiritual evolution is all about. I think there are a lot of voices screaming at us in fear and anger. Let us not turn those voices into our voices. Let us dream of painting and paint our dreams by living them now.

If this is the beginning of a whole new world, it’s time to choose how we want to be in it and trust our Divinity.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Spiritual Director, CSL Kaua`i

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